Monday, 18 June 2007

The Great Solo Art Trip

2Day's InsPiratioN
I recently read about this dynamic woman named Alice Blackley who strolled into Otago's tussock country on her own (and that's really saying something, considering the ruggedness of the terrain) - on an independant art expedition. She took with her a palette of watercolour paints, paper and a variety of brushes. Watercolour was her chosen medium because of its transportability and quick drying time. However, she also used, among other things, milo (a kind of hot chocolate here in New Zealand), tea and dried tomato soup as her medium. Alice ingeneously framed each of her painted vignettes of the landscape within the drawn circumference of her drinking flask. The challenge of survival in this type of terrain and the isolation of her trip fueled her art. Blackley herself was inspired by two well-known British artists, Richard Long and Hamish Fulton, where Long describes his walk in a scupltural format and Fulton combines text and photographs after the event. The fact that Alice was on her own meant that her perceptions were hers alone.
Thanks go to Alice Blackley for allowing me to post her artwork on this site, and for looking over the article.

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