Thursday, 2 August 2007

The Unconventional Artist

"Troubles in Early Infancy" [Detail]
Acrylic w/ gel and papier mache on unstretched canvas,
199832 x 36"
2Day's InsPiratioN
The artist, Christine Conrad, has long been a source of inspiration to me. This unconventional artist dances to the beat of her own drum - not easy when you're an artist trying to make a living from your work. Here's an excerpt from her online autobiography:
"Christina Conrad has been called New Zealand's greatest living artist. She is certainly its greatest eccentric. An obsessive filmmaker, script editor, writer and "outsider" painter & sculptor, Conrad lived as a recluse for twenty years without electricity or running water, where she "kept her paintings in cupboards instead of food". Her work is disarmingly original and not easily pigeon-holed, nor does the term "outsider" sit easily with her, suggesting as it does someone who is untrained. Conrad's paintings and clay sculptures possess a focus that reflects a rigorous self-training."
To read and learn more about Christine, click on the link above.


Stoneking said...

Conrad has also made a 30-minute dramatic film entitled JELLY'S PLACENTA, which premiered last night at the Budapest International Short Film Festival. Interested? Visit website at

write to Christina at

Anonymous said...

darn -- i was so excited to go check out her site and film but since geocities is no more, so is her site. i'll go search for her -- she sounds like an amazing artist and lady indeed.