Wednesday, 5 September 2007

I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous

2Day's InsPiratioN
Here's an inspiring guy, Joseph Stoddart (I love the fact that he's got the word "art" in his surname): skateboarder, coffee maker and ARTIST! For the past seven years, Joseph has been funding his art by working as an ambidextrous barista (for up to 60 hours a week!!) at the Midnight Espresso in Wellington. The guy's a mad keen skateboarder too (click on the image above for the video), and it's the skateboarding that gives him his artistic inspiration, with his old boards serving as his canvas. This leads me to my own source of inspiration, Cuba St, Wellington, where the Midnight Espresso resides among many other fantastic places to visit along this quirky Wellington street. There's been many a time where I have sat at the open window at the Espresso, sketchbook and pencils at the ready and recorded some of the more colourful characters walking past my line of sight.

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