Wednesday, 14 November 2007

New Media Art, Writing and Interfaces

An Illustration from Oh and Ah - a love story
2Day's InsPiratioN
Several years ago I took great delight in reading, admiring and gaining inspiration from a vast collection of free online stories and their accompanying artwork. Even in its embryonic stage, the scope of creative talent within the new media community was impressive. Additionally, this community brought with it a philosophy of sharing, openness and non-commercialisation of ideas - a refreshing and edifying demonstration of a self sustaining, living form of creativity. The value of art in this sense transcends the basest level of art as a commodity, it becomes, instead, something that is within the grasp of all and, as a living thing, is able to metamorphosise into something far greater than itself. With a little digging I was able to find a few remaining artefacts of this legacy.

Artefact 1:
Some artists/writers have taken the concept into a physical gallery space - see Waiting for Elaine by clicking on the exhibition promo below:

Artefact 2:
Also, take a look at the Museum of Visual Poetry (hub icon below) - a beautiful tribute to the artist/writer's father.

Artefact's 3 and 4:

Then there's Planet Authority (now only archived entries) and Sally Prior's Postcards from Writing.

Artefact 5:
Next, Diane Caney's collection of creative works have achieved international acclaim - see OVER THERE

Artefact 6:

Finally, lose yourself in Henry Lowengard's pages, with the barely there Glum Homebody e-zine and Ransom Note!


Martin Pointer said...

Great stuff! Whatever happened to the shared story format, you just don't see them anymore!

Art Inspiration 4 Today said...

I have seen them out there - mainly in creative writer's forums. I do remember a proliferation of them when the Internet was still a novelty!