Thursday, 3 January 2008

Gothic Punk Exhibition - 2007

Photos courtesy of Artamatik 2007
If you think it difficult enough to get your own work exhibited in a regular gallery, spare a thought for the gothic punk alternative artist, where mainstream is not a word in these peoples' vocabulary. Being an old goth myself (teenage goth in the late 80's) I was happily surprised a few weeks ago to hear an interview on National Radio New Zealand, with Roseanne Jones - one of the organisers of an annual Gothic Punk Alternative Exhibition. The exhibition, just finished, showcased a variety of art forms from fashion, jewelry, sculpture, prints, collage, photography, drawings, computer generated and fabric collages. Most exhibitors were able to sell items, which was great news considering what I would assume to be a fairly sparse market. For more on this exhibition, including news on the 2008 exhibition and a photo gallery of the 2007 exhibit, visit Artamatik.

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