Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Small CANVASES and poetry

"small canvases: vesper's gold"
by the Governess (copyright: 2008)

I've always been fascinated with miniature art - hence my affinity to atc's, miniature enamel painting, and miniature canvases. I wrote a little poem way back in my university days called Vesper's Gold. It was the recent rediscovery of this poem that inspired me to create the mixed media piece pictured above (yet to be mounted "small canvases: vesper's gold"). Here's one of the verses from the poem I wrote:

There drifts a boat,
Vesper's Gold, and lands upon
Treasures untold;
Elixers to cure infirmity?
Floating in a magical land...

In my mixed media piece, I've explored the theme of sea exploration in more detail, working on individual small canvases no larger than 5cm x 3cm. In one canvas I challenged myself to make a bottle with a boat in it - apologies about the poor quality picture but my digital camera is absolutely shite at close ups!

I'm not entirely sure how I am going to mount these pieces, so any suggestions would be welcome. I had thought, at one point, to have them mounted in a row, one after the other - a bit like a story board. Practically, though, the diptych format above is perhaps the best I've come up with so far. I plan on a gold textured background for the mounting board which should lend itself nicely to the title of the piece. The other thing I could do is mount these on an altered art book (on the cover, for example).

Another delightful discovery I made just recently was the use of jigsaw peices as small canvases. I've pictured, above, a work by Nick from Nick's Arty Stuff. If I can, I'll get her to comment on this piece and what inspired her to use jigsaw pieces in the first place. Other examples of small canvases can be found at Art in Your Pocket - this, the first comprehensive website I found on ATC's (artist's trading cards) way back when...

Here are a few little pieces of my own artwork in atc format, hope they inspire you to give this format a go:

ATC artwork by the Governess (copyright 2008)

If you do produce a few pieces yourself, you can join an ATC trading post - there are plenty on the web. You can try any of these links below to find out more about atc's and/or join a trading post:

(the original ATC site in Switzerland with exhibits, archives, examples and history of the art form)
(aceo's, atc's, history, trading and gallery)
Arts and Literature on Squidoo
(for a fabulous array of atc examples)
(an MSN ATC exchange group that I belong to)
(another exchange group)
(a delightful collection of atc's by aisling d'art)
(I'm not usually one for product placement or free advertising on blogs, but I've only ever had the best service from these atc art suppliers)
Happy small canvasing!

Nick's Arty Stuff (see her blog link in Blog's to Inspire or click on the jigsaw photo above)


Nicks said...

hi there, I am so chuffed that you have added my little jigsaw bit to your blog, thanks for the compliment!
So can I interest you in a jigsaw swap????

Nicks said...

if anyone cares to have a look at my blog it explains about the Jigsaw swaps i have taken part it. it's great fun and you get a wonderful bit of art at the end of it.

The Governess said...

Thanks Nick, I must have missed the explanation on your blog - so best I take another look! Fabulous work, by the way! I guess there's no end to what you can do if you just use your imagination!!

cindy said...

Very inspirational! Lovely work.
Thank you:)

The Governess said...

Cheers, Cindy!

thealteredpage said...

Great set of canvases and ATCs. And I love the new look of your blog. Thanks, too, for the comment on my blog. Much appreciated.