Thursday, 19 February 2009

On a whirr...what a hoot!

On a whirr...I'm not sure if there is such a word, but here I am right in the midst of my own creative tornado, free to reach into the malestrom and grab whatever comes my way! At the moment I am garnering my inspiration from the fabulous Ms Teesha and Spirit Cloth . Thanks Angela darling for putting me on to these groovy girls, and the Wanganui girls at Cloth Dolls and Fibre Art!

(Teesha's Owl - copyright Teesha Moore 2009)
I got this crazy mosaic seed owl (on the left, above) at the Sally's Army in the Wairarapa for 20cents. What a hoot! He now needs to be turned into an embroidered wall hanging, so yesterday I rumaged around at the local upholstry shop in their $2 scrap bins and scored myself the most gorgeous material, perfect for the background of my yet to be created embriodery owl. The owl above, centre, is from Teesha's journal - I love the wise words it has to say. Click on him and you can read them too.
Coincidentally, before I wrote this blog entry, I was musing the other night on my little indivdual cells and my pantheistic beliefs (truly, before I even read Teesha's journal entry!). I've been quite sick with hayfever which in turn has led to asthma. I began to think about my chest and what exactly was going on in there! I thought about the spirit or the supreme consciousness that resides within us all and exists in everything, from the chair we sit on to the trees that shade us, right down to the tiny cells that make up my physical being, including those that help me to breath.

I wondered if I could think them better if only I listened to them! For some of you this may sound a little far fetched, but for others of you this makes perfectly good sense, right?! For me, synchronicity is also the supreme spirit's way of saying, I am here, I am listening. So when I discovered Teesha's owl enty, thanks to my own owl obsession, I knew I was onto something! So tonight before I go to sleep I am going to listen to my little cells and wait for them to send me a dream in my sleep to help me help them get better.

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