Saturday, 7 February 2009

Welcome to Debrina's Diary!

Well, as you can see, my blog has changed both in theme and in appearance. I'm celebrating the fact that I am finally out the other side re the PND and as a result, I want my blog to reflect this!

Lots of things have been happening these last few weeks. I'm still on holiday, but only just! Work starts again this Monday (after approximately 6 weeks holiday), dang and blast! But luckily, I love my's just the early starts I'm not looking forward to! Anyway, I thought I'd give you a quick run down on one of the highlights of my holidays this year: a stay in the Wairarapa - one week of pure chaos, with up to seven children (and two ghosts) in my friend Ceri's house.

Ceri and John have an old 1916 estate with 5 bedrooms (Oh, by the way, that's their eldest child, Ollie's hair above!). The house does indeed have its own ghosties - an old gentleman and a dog. I caught sight of the dog on my third day - it streaked through the kitchen into the hallway. I'm not kidding! This was the real thing! I made no mention of it at first because I thought my hosts might think me even madder than they first suspected, but then Ceri asked me if I'd seen the ghost dog yet? Ha. Had I seen the ghost dog yet!

Still at Ceri and John's but it's now the weekend, we read about a little girl called Aelita Andre (there she is above) who, at age 2 was selling her art for upwards of $4000! We were outraged at first. Is this a joke? How could the art world take this seriously? But then we thought, well hey, if little Aelita can do it, then why can't our little ones do the same thing? So out came the canvases, the paint and the play pen and off they went! Here's Jason, fully getting into the swing of things, with Alice collaborating from the side. The final piece (below) truly reflects the genius behind its creators. We believe this piece alone is worth thousands of dollars! More so the fact that it was created by a 9 month and 14 month old!

Offers to buy can be made via the comments box.


Seth said...

Welcome back Debbie!! So good to see you again and to hear that you are feeling good!! Maybe you should put the last piece of art up on Etsy or Ebay?!?

The Governess said...

Ha ha! Thanks Seth, I'm glad to be back. I should try Etsy shouldn't I! I haven't got an account there there's an idea!!