Thursday, 19 March 2009

Art and the Zen of Doodling

I was reading on Creation Destination's blog a bit about a doodling pack she bought recently. I was so inspired by the pack and its contents that I decided to try my hand at doodling again just for a bit of fun:

I haven't doodled since I was a kid but as soon as I put pen to paper, I started to relax and remember how much fun there was in doodling! Now I want to fill up the whole page and then colour it in! After that I want to make little vignettes and then maybe sell them on Etsy?? I don't know! All I do know is that I can't stop...

Anyway, I've decided to continue supporting my Federation for Altruism cause by putting my doodle up for grabs. So, if you want to colour this one in, say "Yes Please!" on my blog and I'll send you a high resolution copy via email. You then have my permission to save it to your file and print it off. On the other hand, you could just watch it grow on future posts (until it fills up a whole page) and wait to say "yes please" until then. Ahh the fun!


Anonymous said...

yes please :-)

Sharon said...

Well, how cool is that?? Yes, Please!! Sharon

Ali said...

yes please love!

Btw word is punist, like your incontenance jokes lol x

Nicks said...

YES PLEASE - You lovely lady

now off to change my blog list LOL

Seth said...

What an amazing doodle. Too good I think to be called a doodle in fact. Your Federation is a great idea. I am going to sit back and watch this "so-called" doodle grow before my very eyes...and then I will say Yes...Please!

The Governess said...

You're ALL awesome! Ali - I love the verification word. We should collect them up, write them into a poem and then do a series of atc's on them!!

The Governess said...

I'll update on this posting from here on in...

Jill Zaheer said...

Your Wish for A Poem:

Doodle dee dee
Doodle dee dum
The pleasure of waiting
Is oh so much fun.
I'll pop back
To see when you're filled
And then I'll say
"Yes please"
And we'll all be thrilled!


bubblemunch said...

This is so very intricate. I'd love to receive it by email just so that I could see the design in more detail, so .... YES PLEASE!

I look forward to seeing it grow on your site!

Jill Zaheer said...

Time to go down on my patient knees,
To say I can't wait any longer
So of course, "yes please".
The things we say to make a rhyme,
Is getting harder harder just to find
The right words to say, okay okay, yes,yes yes,
It's time to play!
"Yes please". :)

Anonymous said...

Debs - am I supposed to post/mail you the original caligraphy work of your name? (in the soemthing for free project? Let me know).

I will be posting it on my blog and will try to explain the name for you there, too, so everyone can enjoy with us.

Elizabeth said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! this is fabulous!!! YEs Please!! PRetty Please!!!!