Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Mountain People Handmade Book Progresses

Yes, it's taking an age but I'm cherishing every moment of it! This book is evolving and growing at night, because that's when my little 10 month bubby is fast asleep and not trying to wrestle my craft scissors off me, grrr grrr! So, here we go (BY THE WAY, feel free to click on the images to get the detail you need to see).... I've written the entire story of the Mountin People out in my journal finally (after all, you need a whole story to make a book with, lol!):

First page shows the Mountain People's queen and to the right of her, a little collage mountain scene made out of Japanese paper and some old Somerset Studio magazine craft paper (see above). Then, you fold out this little vignette and lo...the first page of the story:
Next, an illustration of the peaceful mountain people. I did this in felt pen, then ran a wet paintbrush over my little drawing and used some rub-on powder and ink from an ink pad to add further colour. Then I cut out a small sheet of fusible bonding for applique work and ironed it on to my fabric background. Next, another mountain vignette with the script sprinkled over with gold foil. This page comprises 4 layers of hand dyed paper, japanese paper and fabric in order to get the stormy-sky look behind the mountains. These layers are sewn together with gold thread:

The next page is ready for script, then the page to the right of that (below) will soon show the warring siblings -the queen's children. I'm not sure about this page currently, because you have to turn the book on its side to view it - so I might have to do a wee bit of editing here:

Well, that's it so far - the story is of a reasonable length, so the book is going to start constantinering (I'm sure that's not a word!)...


Elizabeth said...

Your artwork is stunningly beautiful and our book is delightful- all with a 10 month old gabbing your scissors!!! i remember those times when you want every moment with your wee one but you MUSt find art time to replenish yourself!!

iam so glad that you found my blog!! Looking forward to returning to yours soon!!

The Governess said...

It's true, Elizabeth. You still have to squeeze art in!!

Ali said...

Hi just came by to see what you'd been up to! Just as impressed as last time I visited! x

The Governess said...

Thanks Ali!

Anonymous said...