Sunday, 8 March 2009


Every so often, I'm going to do a "Something for Free? Yes Please!" posting. The "Free" tag picture above will top the post to signal to you that something's up for grabs - be it something from me, an exchange that I or someone else is doing, or a bit of mail art. Either which way, no money will exchange hands. Hooray!

Become an "unofficial" member of the "Something for Free?? Yes Please club!!" just by cutting and pasting this image above onto your site. Then, declare to the world what your altruisitic intentions are and you're off! Just remember - it all started here! Also, if you add to your profile, under "Interests", the words "Something for Free" we could start a world-wide federation!!
Anyway, here's my first "Something for Free? Yes Please!" posting. So here we go...

I saw this on Ali's Page - Lostfoot Blog. I'm keen to do this, so if you want something from me, for free (I'll be making something that your blog inspired me to make), then you must be one of the first 5 people to say "yes please!!" on my page. If you still want to join in, put your "yes please" in anyway and I'll get others to refer to your blog.

Here are the rules ( I stole this from Ali's page):

Fancy something for free?
Basically here's the offer:
The first 5 people to say "yes please!" in the comments blog will get something made by me!
At some point over the coming year I will make you something and send it to you in the post.
I don't have to guarantee you'll like it!
It'll be based on the things that I learn about you via your blog.
The catch?! You have to mention the idea on your blog!!
So? What do you think?!
Go on... what've you got to loose?!


Ali said...

Ha Ha!!! yes please!! Right back at ya! I'm sure that's against the rules BUT I WANT THINGS!!

Elizabeth said...

I would love to do a RR- what are the details??
Do count me in as one of the five!!

Flower's Page said...

Yes Please! Now I'm going to go back and read what I just said Yes please to. hahaha

Sharon said...

Yes Please!!!! How much fun is this. Back to the page!! Sharon

The Governess said...

I have to put in a "yes please!" from Angie of Good Universe - who emailed me instead of leaving a comment.

The Governess said...

Alrighty - the "Something for Free?? Yes Please!!" group has been formed. If you want to be a part of this for next time or if you want to kick off one of your own, then let me know and/or go and do it anyway! Just cut the blog entry and paste into your own blog. Let me know though - coz I want free things too!!

Ali said...

LOl how popular are you!!!
Glad you guys think it's a good idea! Have fun passing it on, maybe you can let me know how you get on with it?! Ax

Anonymous said...

yes please

The Governess said...

Right then - the federation of altruism has begun!