Tuesday, 10 March 2009

What's in my Handbag??

A Response to Fadwa's voyeristic experiment:

Here is my big juicy bag from Poppies. It's a french inspired market bag. It's huge and I bought it for exactly that reason. Also because I'm a librarian and an artist I must carry books, journals and a big wad of coloured pens around with me. I also have a bag within a bag to carry all my toiletries, wallet and other small bits and pieces.

Ok, so this is what's on the floor - the contents of my bloody big bag - from left, in an anti-clockwise direction:

1) A screwed up NZ post receipt ( I sold something on Trade Me the other day so need to keep this receipt for a track and trace jobby).
2)My Book Club Journal
3) My art journal
4) My friends poetry ready for publishing (now awaiting me to do the illustrations...I'm getting there!)
5) Underneath my mate's poetry, a Cloth Shop and Quilter's newsletter and my Book Reviewers Kit from
CMIS - I do young adult book reviews for these guys.
6) One of numerous art pens...but interestingly, the only art pen in my handbag at the moment??
7) A folded up note from my library advisor friend Jan that reads: www.teacher's treasures.co.nz - because I saw some really colourful stick up lettering on her office wall that I really must get for my office!!!
8) My Nokia (all time favourite) cellphone!
9) My Drawing and Painting reference book
10) My power bill - only $120 this month (WOW!)
11) A random, blank piece of paper
12) My goddess talisman, handmade by my gorgeous mate
Storm in the US.
13) My Skinfood, SPF 15 moisturiser for protecting my face from the harsh NZ sun. We all end up looking like wrinkled prunes before we're 50 in this country if we don't use it.
14) My digital alarm clock (I always forget it's in there and then it goes off at the most inopportune times - like at a really important staff meeting with 120 people sitting around me)
15) My green, floral bag within a bag!
16) A child resuscitation check card - my 10 month old is into EVERYTHING at the moment and I'm paranoid he might choke on something!!
17) My asthma inhaler when my hayfever gets out of control...
18) Make-up compact
19) Smints
20) Lipstick case from Xmas '06 (thanks mummy! I love it, it's gorgeous!)
21) A pink clothes peg (?)
22) My wallet with a massive long Woolworth's receipt hanging out of it.
23) A NZ post rate checker pamphlet
24) My vitamin B12 vial for the shot I'm going to get on Thursday (ouch!) - but pernicious anaemia sucks even worse!
25) A zip file case protecting a teeny memory stick for my camera
26) My keys and my compact hairbrush are in the middle

PUZZLE: Find the random items (a bit like Where's Wally or Osama Bin Ladin?): my eye drops, my driving glasses case, and a roll of sellotape!

The End.


Sharon said...

Hey girl, I found the tape and glasses case but not sure on the eye drops. Maybe!!! Fun!! Sharon

Leah said...

I love getting this peek inside your purse! It made me feel better about all the stuff in mine! :-)

The Governess said...

Thanks Sharon, thanks Leah!

Ali said...

Hi Deb loved this idea so much that we stole it for our group tonight! Please visit us at we-are-poets.blogspot.com to see what we had!! X

The Governess said...

Sure thing!

Flower's Page said...

Waz up Waz up Waz uppppp?

bubblemunch said...

I think I have the same purse/wallet as you!!!!!