Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Why I'm a Lucky Girl...

Envelope illustration: Copyright 2009 Alicia Caudle of Altered Bits

OMG! I am such a lucky girl! Look what arrived in the post today! Alicia from Altered Bits, bless her loving heart, agreed to do a mail-art swap with me a couple of weeks ago and this, dear readers, is the result of the swap! AND what should I find jam packed into this most wonderous of envelopes? Why this, of course:

That's right, dozens of little picture cutouts, cards, x2 atc's, postage stamps, ephemera, paper, metal parts, fibre, a little red envelope, and many other gorgeous little goodies. It was like xmas and my birthday all rolled into one! I've been buzzing all day and have vowed to turn every little bit of these goodies into works of art - be it atc's or collages or mail-art. Alicia's atc's (of course!) will be going into my atc album where I can goggle at them over and over again. Hopefully soon, Alicia will get my envelope/mail-art in the post with all the goody goody yum yums I put in that. I just hope I've done her some justice as her swap partner.

To add to the excitement today, I also received in the post my ephemera swap partner's envelope! Here's a small (read small) sample of what I got:

The black rectangle (upper right) is actually a little book that has a tiny pencil attached to it with a thin, gold cord. The cover itself has the most gorgeous floral embossing on it with the date 1935. Unfortunately, my scanner couldn't pick up the embossing but I can give you a peek inside. So...let's have a looksie:

I should also mention that before you get to this page, you have to turn over the most amazing embossed velum. So, as you might imagine, I am in altered art 7th heaven with these finds. Watch this space for the ensuing creations!


Ali said...

er! NICE!!x

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful day! i received your items today too and have posted on my blog about it. i had so much fun -- thank you so much, sweets! this was a blast! it'd been way too long since i'd done a swap and i'm so glad you'd invited me to do one with you. let's do another swap soon.


Seth said...

What a great mail day for you. Even if Alicia's envelope was empty, you would still be a very, very lucky one!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Oh wow great scores! Lovely stuff there!

Kerin said...

Oh yeah! I agree with Seth!!! Alicia just rocks and she's as nice as she is talented. Lucky you!!

I just came by to say hello also and thank you for joining the Mixed Media Art ning group.

Have a grand day!!!


Debrina said...

Wow - thanks for all the lovely comments. This really was a fabulous day. Both Alicia and I were so excited when we got our envelopes!! And yes - Alicia's envelope alone was treasure enough!!

Judy said...

Love all your gifts and swaps. Love your background to your blog too - amazing.