Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Free Clip Art by Debrina

Images by D.Price-Ewen (Copyright 2009) Not for mass production, please recognise International Copyright Law

During my doodling escapades, these little figures popped out from behind the doodle bush (the one in my brain), ran down my arm, slid through my fingers, squeezed through my pen and fell (with not the slightest bump) onto the page. These and a few other doodle whimsys will shortly be turned into rubber stamps, so if you get sick of printing these little creatures out again and again, let me know and I'll fire you off to my Etsy store (when I finally get it up and running).

For now, though, they are yours to play with. Just click on the image above and don't print! Beware, the black background is going to suck up your toner, so just cut and paste onto a new document as needed...and then print. If you do do something with them, I'd love to see the result!!!

Love Debrina (all in the interests of free art, of course)


Anonymous said...

Hey Debs - fun and cute, good luck!

Flower's Page said...

Hey mate. How are you feeling today? Still in the quarintine stage?? I'm off to that scrappy thing with me old Gran tomorrow. I'll try score us some free-bees.

Debrina said...

Another 24hrs and I should be right. Thanks Gypsy for the fun and cute thumbs up. I do try.

Anonymous said...

wow, lady. i swear i popped by every day for a week and there were no new blog posts, now there are three! i'm slackin'! love your goodies here! you are so talented!