Friday, 22 May 2009

It doesn't pours!

Sarah's Mail art from Sarah's Tentative Artsy Steps
Copyright Bubblemunch 2009

Well, it all happened this week: the official opening of my new $650,000.00 refurbished library; the receipt of a million and one snail mail packages, collaboration project launches, the swap bot challenges, atc's and finally (finally) I got my A into G and created my physical image bank - something I've been putting off for years.

So, without further ado, here's a snapshot of all the things I've been getting in the post and getting round to do...

First, the receipt in the post of Sarah's mail art and gorgeous ATC above. Thank you Sarah - your doodles and delicate watecolour flowers are so beautiful!! Sarah's work is showcased on her blog, Sarah's Tentative Artsy Steps. I think she could probably get rid of the "tentative" bit now though, lol! The front of the envelope is just as gorgeous, so please do go and have a looksie at the fantastic work she does on her blog. She's a wonderful, generous soul.

Rapunzel ATC for Fairytale ATC swap on Swapbot
Copyright D.Price-Ewen 2009

Next up is the latest atc swap I've entered into on Swap Bot. The challenge here was to make one atc based on a fairytale. I love the tale of Rapunzel and her golden hair, so that's what I chose to do. I had a lot of fun building up the ink and paint layers on this one to give it that sort of patina I'm always after, as I love old bronze when it erodes. My friend Flower kindly supplied me with the gorgeous little 4 windowed cutout that she scored from her grandma's scrapbook meet a week or so ago. Do you like the golden plait?

Also on swap bot, I had to make some quote card post cards. This was fun: we had to make 3 postcards to swap that had quotes on them. Here are my three: my favourite was defintely the friendship babble tree. But of course, art is purely subjective....

Next, another snail mail art package arrived. This time from Aunty Em - or Arty Em as she likes to be called! This one, however, came with a twist. Inside, a journal Em made herself that we will use to discover more about each other in. Our friendship adventure will play itself out on these pages, which I just love the thought of. Here's the amazing journal that Em made for us to use:

The paper has the most gorgeous deckled edge to it and is good quality white artist's paper - nice and thick. Perfect for all the collage, stamping and paint stuff we're going to do on it. I have done a couple of pages so far - incorporating my mountain people story into the journal so that Em better understands the mountainous terrain I am surrounded by in the Manawatu here - the cover of this book was made using my friend Flower's gorgeous fibre/felt paper that she makes. I think this cover very nicely represents the lichen that grows on the trees in those mountains, particualrly the Ruahines:

Em also included some gorgeous ATC's in the package. Here's my out right favourite (the others of course are of such an amazingly high standard, they have all gone into my atc collectors folder):
Copyright Arty Em 2009

Then, Lyle's mail art arrived:

WOW Lyle! You go girl! I love the crow heaven prints! Lyle carves her own lino stamps and what she has done here is just amazing. Included were various stamps, stickers and her gorgeous artwork. You can find out more about Lyle on her daughter's blog
There you can see what Lyle's been up to in the way of her stamp carving.


Anonymous said...

Debs- this is so beautiful. All the art is great and you're so lucky. Something should be snailing its way to you from me next week :-)

Debrina said...

Oh, can't wait Fadwa! It really is so much fun sending and receiving. I don't know what I'd do without swap bot these days!

Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

so glad you like the idea of our collaborative journal - imagine the life in a book that travels around and around the world!
take your time and don't worry about getting it back to me any time at all in the near future -- it will be an awesome thing to have once it is full, and if you care to, do start one for YOU so they can travel together and you end up with a book to keep.
and I love that you called me Aunty Em!

Ali said...

lovely stuff - lucky you!! You're always so busy Deb I just don't know how have the time and energy to do it and work and be a mum! - bows down and admires!!! x

Debrina said...

Thank you so much Em (I'm so glad you don't mind me calling you Aunty Em! Lol!)
I'm so glad there's no pressure on me to get it back to you. Phew.

Debrina said...

Ali - I don't get much sleep.

Anonymous said...

what wonderful new goodies you have, sweets! congrats! and i want an aunty em too! my aunt just sends me hideous clothing that she knows i'd never dream of wearing and two sizes too big to boot (she's a bitch). you are doubly lucky! i do adore the idea of a collaborative journal. it's so very much fun -- i had done a few over the years and always looked forward to its arrival and being able to make my new additions.

you are making me catch that "need to swap bug" again. :) thanks, lovely one!

bubblemunch said...

Hi Debbie, thank you for your generous comments about my snail mail. I had much fun doing the art mail - it's such a great idea. Thank you for sharing it!

Your Rapunzel card is lovely ... with her long plait ... so much detail crammed on such a small card.

Love the babble tree - 'tis well cool! Great design (like the Japanese fan shape)

Debrina said...

Hello you two! Sarah, your art is beautiful and I just love receiving your delicate mail art in the post. Altered Bits - I love you to bits, mate! Pity your Aunt doesn't! Lol!