Saturday, 16 May 2009

Latest ATC - Jack...up to no good.

ATC "Jack Up to No Good" by D.Price-Ewen (Copyright 2009)

Here's Jack, about to hide one of the golden eggs he stole from the Giant's castle. He's in the the Giant's garden, so I just hope he gets away with it, otherwise its Fee Fi Fo Fum off with his head and into the Giant's pot! Thanks go to Alicia from Altered Bits for the base picture of the Geranium...and to the most amazing junk shop this side of the black stump, where I found the coolest vintage cards and card pack for only $5! Check out that case, Woof woof!
All the cards are backed with Mr Alsation there; I was sorry I had to cover him up when I finished my Jack card:

Back of ATC (D Price-Ewen 2009)


Mama from said...

I send you a kiss from France :o)
If you want to swap with me you can see my profil and pictures on
Have a nice day!!
Mama From Sirpriz

Debrina said...

A kiss from France! I don't know what to say?

Anonymous said...

well i send a kiss from the US. what do you say about that?

missin' ya this weekend! let's tarot chat when you're around (ha, like we need to speak in real time or something -- i'm a weirdo).

love your newest goodies!!

Kerin said...

Love this piece!

I'm sending yet another kiss-- this one from the windswept beaches of southern Oregon where mermaids bask in the summer sun and buy frosty treats with sand dollars they find scattered about at low tide. Now you really don't know what to say huh!!! : )

Flower's Page said...

Kisses abound Dolly! How lucky. Well I'm sending you a jolly good smack on the bum! lol.....

inguerte? Hmmm I wonder if these verification words are writen in Klingon (is that how you spell Klingon? You know the Star trek one not the boogie one.)

Ali said...

Stunning as always Debs! Hope you're all good?! not been about for a bit, work work work, but I've not forgotten your beautiful blog x x x

Debrina said...

Goodness - one can never have enough kisses. Just watch out for that swine flu! Love to you all back - and Kerin, you speak in pictures and I'm going to turn your words into an atc that's coming your way soon.