Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Magus

'The Magus'
D.Price-Ewen 2009

Alicia from Altered Bits and I have set ourselves a couple of challenges. One of them is to reinterpret the tarot. Alicia had been thinking for some time about doing a whole Tarot pack using the atc format. So I challenged her by drawing two cards for her that represent her life as it now stands and asking her to reinterpret them into atc format. Because Alicia has a sense of fair play (laugh) she then turned around and challenged me to do something similar. Our interpretations can be very broad, as you can see in my reinterpretation above. So here's the low down on the collage I did that I've decided to enter into Alicia's next zine (theme: Odd Numbers).

The collage elements are: the Universe, the Stars, the Magician (here the Magician is represented by St Justina with her feathered quill and her journal, whereby she turns nothing into something through these two mediums) and, of course, the number One.

I was also particularly inspired by a quote from my Tarot Basics book by Evelin Burgess and Johannes Fiebig:

"Magic does exist. You don't have to do anything; you don't need to perform any rituals. It is the power of individual self-fulfillment."

Additionally, to me, the Magus is the conjuring of an idea that is then made real. Particularly appropriate for both Alicia and I, as we respectively strive to take our art to that next level.


Anonymous said...

oooh, i love this! you are a marvelous being, aren't you lady!! i bet you emailed this to me already but i'm behind in responding. have about 30 to get to this evening. i'm very excited and feel lucky to include this in our "odd numbers" zine. thanks so much, lovely one!

and you'll be pleased to know that i'm starting my representation of the two cards you drew for me. :) i'll post that soon too.

Debrina said...

Excellent matey! Yes, I have posted it to you. You might need to play around with the border a bit just to get it nice and even.
Can't wait to see your zine and your atc's!! Hurry up!!

Ali said...

this is fab Debs love it love it x

Jill said...

What a wonderful challenge for a new interpretation of tarot cards. Love the one you posted! When you complete this project- there's always a deck of cards to redo- design something other than the usual club, hearts, spades and diamonds! Now that too would be fun. Just to let you know, of course there's magic- everywhere and in everything- and it does come from within! Also wanted to thank you so much for your generous comment on my blog. Tarot away!!

Debrina said...

Hello Ali; Hello Jill! Congrats Ali on that wonderful bundle of goodness you posted on your blog. SHe is beautiful!!!

Jill, you rock the world with your images! Or does the world rock you? Hence your snapping away with your camera. I just loved your mixed media piece and am so glad it won first place. Travesty if it hadn't! I have 4 tarot cards to do in total, so stay posted.

Love Debs

Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

Hi there!
I just posted your wonderful mail art on my Goddess Mail art Blog:

thanks again, and I am so looking forward to our continuing art collaboration as it unfolds in this reality. . . .
I am off to Oregon, Mt. Shasta, San Francisco, then Iceland for heaps of new art inspiration, so you won't hear from me until July or so.
all the best,

Debrina said...

My Goodness, Aunty! You are one busy woman! Iceland?? What an amazing destination....will track you down via email, ok!

Anonymous said...

i'm trying to hurry. i'm almost done with the first ATC and almost done with the zine as well. i was pretty much done but got a new submission today which makes it an even number of pieces in it and that will just not do. i need an odd amount 'cause i'm.... odd. :)

your arty aunty is passing through alicia-territory. i'm in oregon right now.

missin' ya! will post my ATC #1 to you soon. it needs metal on it, but i'm not sure exactly what yet. so... i set it aside. a tiny snippet of it is on my today's post, if you can figure out what it is.

Anonymous said...