Thursday, 14 May 2009

Serpent Mail and Blog Street

Latest mail art. This one's off to ArtyEm whom I met just recently on Blog Street (I keep wanting to call her Aunty Em for some reason?).
Now this is what I adore about blogging...the people you meet on Blog Street (well, that's my term for it anyway). I love the fact that a whole world of like-minded people are on the computer, putting it out there creatively, walking up and down Blog Street, hands in or out of their pockets, waving, nodding, smiling, frowning, and then the most magical thing happens, you bump into one of them and shake their hand! You start up a conversation and then next you're exchanging contact details and a little something to tide them over till the next time you see them. It almost makes me want to break out into song, or something...

ok, maybe not, but you get my meaning.

Anyway, here's the low down on the mail art. First, it's a rectangular envelope that I prised apart and then folded flat, so that it went back to its original template form. Then I did my mail art thing (collage, doodles, stamping, sticking, colouring, etc). I wanted to keep the idea that there was still a back and a front to this envelope, so I treated the top half as if it was still the front (Note the space that says May All Beings Be Happy - that's where Em's address goes), and the bottom half as though it were still the back. So it's got that topsy turvy doll thing going on. I've yet to stick this image on...
(which I made with a bit of dextrous computer wizardry):

Next, I ripped 7 shades of "bleep" out of it and reassembled it over another deconstructed envelope (this one was inside out as well). Then coloured some more, doodled some more and inked some more....

and finally mounted the back:

...well, what's the point of having a topsy turvy front if you haven't got a topsy turvy back too!