Sunday, 5 July 2009

Frolicking in the sea, mail art for me, fey atcs


WOW Lyle! Gorgeous as ever! (LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!)


A couple of fey ACEO's from me for a commision:

(D.Price-Ewen 2009)

Wow, wow and wow wee wow!!

Need I say more?


The Gypsy said...

Hey Debs - so glad you got it and you like it! I enjoyed making it for you. AND - gues what? I received your lovely mail just yesterday - I really love the applique work, so delivate and so rich - beautiful. I will post on my blog soon.
Hugs and kisses
(PS the word verification I got just now is quallati!!)

lyle baxter said...

deb, thank you again for the kind words. I love the snail in your atc! and fadwa's mail art is magnificent. you are right WOW! lyle

Debrina said...

Oh excellent - I'm so glad you got yours too! Yes, I love doing the applique thing. Reverse applique is my specialty.
Lyle - more please!!! Lol!

bubblemunch said...

Wow indeedy! That's some cracking mail art you've got there!

alteredbits said...

wow, lovely one! you've done a fabulous job on your pieces and woots! you're quite the lucky one with what you've received too!

how has your holiday been? 've been missing you and would love to catch up soon when we both have a little bit of "spare" time in unison.


Debrina said...

Still on holiday! And I'm guessing you're still up...let's see if I can catch up with you now!

Oh and Bubblemunch - see my message to you about mail-art (I've left it on your blog).

Love Debs

Seth said...

Now that is what I call hitting the jackpot!

Debrina said...

Yes, I know Seth! Wonderful!