Friday, 11 September 2009

Dave Dube and Lyle Baxter, Patti and 7 things you probably didn't know about me...

"Queen of Arts"
Mail Art - above - by Dave Dube (Copyright 2009)

"Where oh Where is She?"
Mail Art - above and below - by Lyle Baxter (Copyright 2009)

Where to begin? Well, that's not an easy one as there is so much wonderful stuff to write about in my diary this week! First, I guess, is yet another apology...I've had quite a few people enquire after those ACEO's I posted last week - as in, where are they on Etsy/Ebay?? Well, truth be told...I didn't really want to part with them! For the first time in an age I actually became attached to some of my own artwork! Huh! Go figure - it's other peoples' artwork we usually fall in love with, right?? Well, that's my reason for postponing their sale...but now I've gotten over it and they're up for sale...and in Etsy not Ebay for once! (See my little shameless store front, left panel).

Now, speaking about other people's art and falling in love with will have noticed the fine mail art I received in the post this week! Dave Dube - pencil artist, calligrapher and mail art/designer extroadinaire - posted me the spectacular "Queen of Arts" envelope (pictured at the top of this posting) with a lovely note written on the back of a B-49, American Shooting Target. Nice touch, Dave! And oh...that envelope! Gorgeous one of a kind mail art!!

Next to arrive in the post was the equally spectacular mail art from Lyle Baxter. Lyle's been asking me for some time now to fill her in on my life here in New Zealand. Perhaps, to date, she thought her hints were too subtle, hence the rather un-subtle but fantastic map work on the back of her envelope! Well, there's no getting away from it now...I must do as I am told and post a little bit more about myself.

The MeMe Award

So, in keeping with the prompt "Where oh where is she?" I thought I would introduce you to Debrina's world, here in little ol' New Zealand (NZ for short). Oh, and while I'm at it, I may as well combine this with the three MeMe awards I received this month (see above). Thanks Alicia from Altered Bits; thanks Caterina from La Dolce Vita and thanks Patti from The Altered Attic! I'll admit, I've resisted acknowledging this award because I'm not an "award" kinda woman, but this one does look like fun so "oh, what the hell!".

Ok Lyle - and anyone else who's interested - here are 7 things about me and my country that you may or may not know about:

I live in Sanson.

Sanson is a small town between two smallish cities called Palmerston North and Wanganui.
In comparison with these two other smallish cities, Sanson can be represented by this small dot, below:


Sanson is not famous for much, except for maybe these 3 things...

1) back in the 90s the local publican of that time was murdered when his throat was cut by an intruder (hence, the ill-fitting and slightly gruesome saying in our town: "come to Sanson for cut-throat prices...").

Cut throat prices...

2) There is a haunted mansion down the road that runs horror maze nights. This venture was cut short ('scuse the pun again) by a terrible fire last summer that burnt through all three stories and the roof of this grand old house. The fire was caused by an exploding gas cylinder.

My husband Andy was famous for dressing up as the "Mad Butcher" down there during the summer nights and scaring the bejeezus out of the local teens.

Andy before...

...and after. (Still can't decide which one is scarier??)

3) Sanson's one and only bomb scare - to date - happened in an abandoned house on the Main Rd. What these bomb terrorists were trying to achieve by planting their bomb in Sanson, is anyone's guess. Nor was it ever established why they planted the bomb. No agenda was ever declared.

NZ is home to the ubiquitous cabbage tree.

Some say there is no difference between this tree and the trees in Dr Seuss' famous books.

I'll let you decide for yourself....

I am a secret (now not so secret) science and math geek. My favourite books in these subjects are:


I love fairies.

Yes, I'm out of the closet on this one. As a keen gardener and a bit of a domestic goddess, I can't help but wonder about their existence. Also, I love "small" things. Lots of small detail is what grabs my attention. Hence my love for minature art, such as ATCs/ACEOs, and of course, fairies fit right into these small ATC sized frames:

"Live Free" - Fairy ATC by D.Price-Ewen

I love working in charcoal and I love my lounge. Here's a picture of my lounge in charcoal - oh what a happy combination! I did this sketch quite sometime ago, but it really sums up why I like to crash here in the evenings with a glass of wine, a nice book, and in winter, next to the raging kent fire.

"Our Living Room" by D.Price-Ewen 2009

I love gardening and wildlife. Lyle, you'll be pleased to know I finished the book you recommended to me, "Wesley the Owl". I finished it a few weeks back and it has so far become my most favourite animal story this year.
Now, back to the garden.
Here's a photo from several summer's ago. Last summer was a right off, with a new little baby in tow, it was almost impossible to do anything with it, but by autumn this year we had at least mulched the ground, planted some more bulbs, trimmed the roses and sowed cottage garden seeds. The roses are in good health and we'e expecting another spectacular show this year.

Sherlock Holmes...

I love Sherlock Holmes. It was with a real sense of satisfaction that I heard this was being made into a movie by Guy Ritchie! Wow - how cool! The fact that they have chosen to keep Mr Holmes as true to form as Dr Watson decribes him (complete with the opium addiction) makes for a happy outcome in my opinion! Now I just can't wait for the movie's release in October!!

AND NOW....a note about Patti. I left this comment on her recent blog posting:

"Dear Patti....OK. So I've got to say this, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. This has been the best blog posting I have read, EVER! You are such an intelligent, talented, wise, delicious and inspiring women that I want to give YOU an award (except I'm not an award girl). So instead I want to feature you on my blog. I love everything about this post - from the artwork to the thought provoking prose. I just want to cut and paste it into my own blog posting so I can look at it and read it forever."

Why? Because in my opinion, some of her postings just blow me away (for said reasons, above). So stay tuned for next week's posting. It's gonna be all about Patti.

I will also be spotlighting the other deserved award recipients (all 7 of them) - but not with the MeMe award, but with my own "award". One that doesn't work like a chain letter, or a tag, or a bit of spam...

So like I said, do stay tuned!

Goodbye Fine Folks!


Sam Marshall said...

Hi Debrina,
I love the mail art- wonderful. The seven things about you are fascinating- I love your cool sketch. Your town sounds interesting, too.

Debrina said...

Hi Sam - wow that was quick! I've only just got this post up and here you are making such a lovely comment. Ha ha, our town isn't interesting - it's dysfunctional!!

lyle baxter said...

dear deb, I dont know where to begin! thank you for the nice write up!and for tellin me about where you live! your garden is beautiful! and the husband is handsome!!! the mail you recieved from dave is spectacular! your drawing is great and you live in a town like ours not much going on! It has been such fun writing back and forth! thank you! xxoo lyle

Studio DavAnn said...

Hello from Quebec Canada Debrina.

We just wanted to say thank you for the witty and charming post about you and your part of the world!

We also enjoyed the links to other creative souls.

We look forward to the next...


MrCachet said...

Seven things about this post.

1. There's nothing hiding under the labels, but just in case the one telling you that they're removable already removed itself in the shuffle --- you can remove them, that way you get to see more of Paris.

2. YOU'RE WELCOME. It's a delicious treat being on the giving end. Do not feel the need to reciprocate!!!

3. As a matter of fact, please don't. Just do more of your great art and post it so we all get to see it.

4. You live in New Zealand??? WHO KNEW? Where did I send that mail art?

6. Great Post and great art as always!

7. How do you spell Queene?

Patti said...

you are something else, Mistress D, I'm in love with your garden, your art, your town... my friend Linda lives in Bulls... is that close?
I appreciate your mentioning me in your post - you are too wonderful for words!! hugs.

Anonymous said...

You're such a sweet heart and soooo cute!!!
I loved this post and reading all about your secrets :-p.

Anonymous said...

wowz! i started reading this last night and then got so side tracked i went to your etsy and bought something from you 'cause i love it and you and.... phew. i finally made it back to read the rest.

i love all that you have shared with us, fellow math and science geek friend!

patty is amazing, isn't she! and i want to come to your town. :) adore your sketch!

hope all is well with you. have been missing our chats.

Debrina said...

I love you guys. I'm glad you found the 7 things about me amusing, lol! Lyle and Dave - you preceded me on my attempt to contact you about this post! Well, I'm about to come on by to say thanks....
Alicia - that was NAUGHTY but really nice, coz at least I know where one of my works is!!
Studio DavAnn - I'm coming over to say hi; same with you Patti my dear. And Fadwa! Hello me ol' friend!!!

MrCachet said...

You ATE my number 5! ;o)

Ascender Rises Above said...

what a great charcoal drawing. Those trees really do look like suess!

Kim said...

How fab to learn more about you Deb. The land of the long white cloud cetainly sprang something unusual in your little town now didn't it. Lots happening for such a wee place, LOL! My hubby's a kiwi too, from Rotorua! I'm a science and Sherlock geek too! Can't wait for the movie, and like you I like my Sherlock warts and all!

Debrina said...

Thanks guys and gals!!

La Dolce Vita said...

oh Deb! loves it!! it is so hard to do it but gosh do we love it! we love to know more about each other, especially when we live far away and we are really sharing the commonalities that unite us!
love your garden, I am a gardener too and your garden is gorgeous! thanks for playing but I would have understood if you had not done it!
and thanks for your kind comments about my work!
ciao bella!!!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Lucky you, such wonderful mail! Interesting facts about yourself and I totally think cabbage trees are more than a little Dr Seuss!
I shall have to check links another time though...madly getting ready for a big day tommorrow!

HereBeDragons said...

Well that first piece of mail art I absolutely LOVE! It's gorgeous!

And I have to say that you're such a lucky duck, living down in NZ. But, if I can't be living in Wellington, I'm not in Southern California, which has to run a very close second. Dr. Suess (I'm told by my roommate) lived right here in San Diego - in La Jolla. Moving to San Diego, I realized southern Cal has many of the same trees that I thought were unique to NZ, including, perhaps, the cabbage tree. But I'm not sure. I'm no biologist. They look close to my eyes though.

Debrina said...

Hello you 3! Caterina - thank YOU for the award. The intention and meaning behind it certainly was not missed by me! Lisa - I'm lovin' your new art work - just terrific! Anyone reading these comments, do check her out: this girl rocks!
HereBeDragons - nice to meet you! Some mail art must come your way, then!

Dianne said...

such fun to read about you and your town, and enjoy amazing art! thanks for sharing...always wanted to know where "truffula trees" really came from...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

How wonderful to get to know a bit about you and your lovely NZ. I read every word with great anticipation and was rather sad when I got to the end that it didn't go on longer.

diane said...

What a fun post and great ride for me today! Love your art, and most of all your sense of humor =)

Mar said...

you went all out with the meme post
i throughly enjoyed reading
all about ya
and looking at the artwork all around!

Seth said...

What great mail art!! Your mailbox runneth over! And thank you so much for sharing these things about yourself, and in such a clever way! Great to know a little more about you. And great sketch too!!

Debrina said...

Hey guys - thanks for dropping on by! Truffala trees!! So THAT'S what they're called, Dianne! Hee hee. Now when I scoot past a cabbage tree I have the name for them is Seuss terms!