Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Nobody Here; Nobody Home? Alicia, Patti, Lisa, Jaffa, Lyle, Fadwa and another Lisa

That's right - it's the NOTHING posting this week.  It's the start of the school holidays this Saturday and I'm off down to Nelson (home of the original World of Wearable Arts ).  Whilst there I will try and think of nothing in order to come back with something to inspire me (and hopefully you) on our respective creative journeys.  I hope that makes sense?  What I mean is, I'm having time out to smell the daisies so that I come back refreshed and inspired!

Speaking of NOTHING turned into SOMETHING.  Have you seen Seth's latest posting?  I'm sure you all have, but if you haven't, I'm linking you to it here. (But don't go yet - you've got to read the rest of this very important blog posting!). Anyway...Seth's treasured find is called "Nobody Here" (which will be me next week, btw).
You'll note, above, that I got lost in the toes department...
it was very disturbing...

Now, I know I was going to do my 7 inspirational bloggers/artists' listing this week, but I haven't the time.  So, I promise that when I get back, I will take you into the world of these 7 fabulous people:

1) Alicia from Altered Bits
2) Patti from Altered Attic (beware - I have a lot to say about Patti!)
3) Lisa Sarsfield from Lucky Dip
4) Jafa from JafaBrit'sArt
5) Lyle from Just-a-Note
7) Lisa from Mud Hound Primitives

May I say that if you don't find yourself on that list, don't be put out...I'm only allowed to choose 7 (as stipulated by the MeMe award rules) and I've chosen these 7 because they've been making Me think about things lately (and have therefore inspired Me as a result).  Here's a quick list of things that these people have got me thinking about:


1) ALICIA: foetus(es), brains, the macabre, crackle, think-tank, code, math, larger than life
2) PATTI: diction, tone, pain, beauty, softness, empathy, intelligence
3) LISA SARSFIELD: nests, linoleum, palette, location, experimentation, sharing
4) JAFA: penises, square-pegs, wooley men, flowers, embroidery, provocative, hard-core
5) LYLE: france, wood, cold, family, zest, original, hands, heart
6) FADWA: Spain, heat, rain, dance, passion, pen, burkas
7) LISA: wire, cloth, primitive, detail, hard, soft, feminine, silence...

I'm sure there's a poem in all of that somewhere?

Till next week, y'all! (Credits to


Caterina Giglio said...

Have a great time doing nothing and thinking nothing so that when you com back you will think of SOMETHING!!! xo cat

Mooneybeams said...

Ah - there was a great uproar when the name of the river was changed to Whanganui, too, wasn't there?

I only lived in W[h]anganui from 1988 to 1993 - my family emigrated when there was that nursing shortage (my Stepmum is a nurse). I moved back to the UK but my Dad and Stepmum are still in NZ - live on Waiheke these days. Gorgeous place - lived there for a couple of years, too!

Debrina said...

Hi you two. Yes, I plan on taking my charcoal and sketch pad down with me though - so maybe not entirely nothing, afterall!

Waiheke is a stunning but very expensive place to live, Mooneybeams. Your parents are very lucky to be there.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Lucky you and Lucky me:) Thanks for the mention..I truly enjoy my visits here too!

ArtPropelled said...

hmmmm ....a very unusual poem in there somewhere .... LOL. I think I'd better go check out Jafa's blog.

Kim Palmer said...

Enjoy, rest, relax, recouperate and reinvigour yourself! Look forward to watching what happens when you return. I'm sure you'll think of something!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for including me as 1 of the 7! It's a pleasure visiting your blog and I love your work and your spirit. I'm glad to have inspired you, too, somehow.
Enjoy your nothingness!
Hugs & kisses

Anonymous said...

oh how i love you! thanks so much, sweets! i loved that list... fetuses, brains, penises... all so inspirational!

i'm sorry i've been so quiet lately! i broke my glasses in two the other day and while trying to fix them i ruined the lenses. i'm smart! but i can neither read nor drive without my glasses so i have not been visiting blogs. it's lame really. i had an appointment for some new ones and an exam the next day but a client bounced a big ol' check to me and... yeah. jerks! so i have to wait until next week. now i'm squinting through some super old specs and developing a migraine, but it's worth it to read your post!

mucho loves to you sweet one! when do you leave? have you left? have a tremendous holiday! going to check seth's blog then email you then work on your little present i'm making you.

hugs to you and your boys!

Lisa said...

sounds like you might enjoy the down time..sometimes its just what the creative muse needs. thanx for the sweet mention..thats alot of inspiration from it up in a can and see what you get! i'm going to go visit some of those talented folks blogs and see if I can get inspired too...Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

Momo Luna S!gnals said...

Such an inspiring blog you have.... :-D

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I like the image of the dice person.

Seth said...

Great theme for a post!! Looking forward to your 7 post. What you have written here has me very intrigued.

Anonymous said...

i forgot to say before i LOVE those feet!! i popped by the see if you were home. i never did catch when you would be returning. hopefully soon so i can send you your nearly complete and ever-growing package. there is a heap of stuff in there now... so much i needed a bigger box. whoops. hurry home or i'll need to get an even larger one!

Gaby Bee said...

Hope you had a great time doing nothing :-)
Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Just to let you know I miss you. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I miss New Zealand too! I was there in 1994 and know I need to come home again!

Jacky said...

Enjoy your break Debrina... I used to love the school holidays when my boys were little. Such fun having time together.

Jacky xox

Debrina said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for leaving your comments and sending me your well wishes while I was away! Jacky, you just missed my latest posting - I must've been writing it as you were leaving your comment here.