Saturday, 17 October 2009

An Art Holiday at Panias!

ATC for a swap with Viola
Copyright D.Price-Ewen 2009

Highlight of the week?

Escaping, for the weekend, from the husband and child and all domestic duties to my best mate Pania's place to just do art....

The gorgeous Pania!

Pania is an amazing artist in her own right...and I can't wait to debut her on my site just as soon as she gets her head around this blogging lark.  Her work is so varied and so spectacular, I promise you, you will be blown away!!  Here's a sneaky peek:

(Ooooh!  UPDATE (19/10): Pania's blog is up and running, here it

But in the meantime, here's what I got up to at Pania's:

There, without any interruption (BLISS!!) I continued to work on my collages (above)...

...then put a little more thought into my altered book...

and finally finish off some mail art...

Acrylic, pencil and ink by D.Price-Ewen
Copyright 2009

...and glean some real inspiration out of her amazingly rich and varied library of art books:

Favourite to date: Jane Ann Wynn's "Altered Curiosities" (above)

NOTE: Maker Shed (where I found this picture of Jane's Book and their really excellent review of it) - is really hard case. Now, I don't like promoting businesses or advertising, but the stuff they sell here is real hard-case.
Object I'd most like to emulate:

"Iris the Bee" from Altered Curiosities
pp. 94 -97 Jane Ann Wynn 2007 (North Light Books) 

You can find Anne at her website Wynn Studio
So thanks Pania for being a real doll.  Thanks too, for cooking tea, massaging my ego and doing the dishes.  I LOVE you!
AND now it's time for....

BLoGger ArTisT No. 2
Now onto the next blogger artist I'd like to feature here on my blog...
There are probably only a few of you who DON'T know who this marvellous creature is, so without further ado, may I introduce to you my very bestest of blogger friends, Alicia from:

I really must thank Seth from The Altered Page for introducing me to Alicia.  He debuted her website on his blog early this year (?) when he, himself,  featured in her "Love" pages (i.e. artist's she adores and therefore MUST interview).  I described Alicia a couple of posts back using the following words:
foetus(es), brains, the macabre, crackle, think-tank, code, math, larger than life

...and it is true, Alicia really is larger than life as she makes her presence felt in so many inspiring ways.  The first is through her blog, Altered Bits, which chronicles her creative journey...another is through her Ning where she invites or allows you to invite either yourself or someone else to come play, and yet another is through her website (see mention of it later, below).  It is as a mixed media and assemblage artist, however, that she truly makes herself known.  Nothing within her reach is safe! This artist - come surgeon - is rather partial to performing autopsies on the most un-suspecting things: baby's heads are a speciality (above); transplanting brains, another:

All images copyright of Alicia Caudle 2009
This is the macabre factor...the "x" factor that makes Alicia so different from the rest!

Then, there are her crackle effects...wonderous indeed:
  How does she do that???

and her collages are so seamless:

Then, as I mentioned before, there is her amazing website, -  full of goodies to view and goodies to buy...this is the think tank in action:

Also of particular interest to me are her zines ... these are the fabulous: Anatomically Altered, Odd Numbers, and the latest and biggest of them all, the Black and White zine.  This is where Alicia's talent as a web-master comes to the fore.  Her design skills are impeccable and the zines are incredibly popular, with almost a thousand views within the first 24hrs of the publication of the Black and White zine!  In this realm of online publishing, Alicia is a tour de force! To many of us, she has made us more confident as artists as she challenges us to submit our artwork for publication into her zine.  AND for those of us lucky enough to get published, her zine in turn gives us the exposure we crave.  

Alicia's own B/W zine entry
Copyright Alicia Caudle 2009

Of course, there is also her obssession with numbers (she is a math geek) and her "code" which I see as a type of symbolism she employs.  Take a look at any of her work and you'll see what I mean.  Whether deliberate or not, I like the fact that her artwork tells a story.  The more you look, the more you discover.  Viewing her work gives me the sort of intellectual satisfaction that could be likened to reading your favourite story while trying to crack a rubik's cube.

Ha ha.  I think she'll like that analogy...

Till next week folks...


PS. Here's a little something to make you giggle:


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Wow! Man, you really summed up Alicia's art so flippin well, superb writing Debs! I love what you did for her!That crack the rubiks cube lines a classic too...

Ohh and I love the sneaky peaky's of every thing you did at Pania's. So cool you got to run away for some play time. Looking forward to seeing more of it all!

Please tell Pania she has a blog audience in I 'bigged' that image for a closer look and it's great!

La Dolce Vita said...

Wow! such a fun and productive visit, love your atc and the pieces you did are gorgeous! Cannot wait for a new blog to visit! is that her new header? fabulous!!!

Viola said...

Love the ATC, Debs! Looks absolutely gorgeous!! But all your other artwork too!! :-)

Kim said...

Debs, an arty weekned with a friend how fabulous! Love the atc for Viola and the collages are looking fabulous! Love your piece on Alicia, it's so her!!! Gotta go the books dry and waiting for it's next bits, LOL!

Debrina said...

Hello you wonderful four! Yes, it was such a marvellous weekend. It's very rare that I get that much time to do just art alone these days!! It really was bliss...
Coming to see each one of you now to say hello!

Anonymous said...

i so love you, lady. you make me smile and giggle and all teary-eyed too (it's not just the PMS, promise!). i shall respond in order.

okay, i hereby love pania. force her with love and creative tenderness to create a blog immediately. :) how fantastically fun that you got to spend a weekend with her and how incredibly amazing what you've created! i love both of your newest pieces. i wish i had someone close to create with. portland is big and full of tons of amazing artists, yet here i play all alone. it's pretty funny really. ;) i'll just fly to NZ!

your mail art! pardon my language but holy shit lady! we need to do a mail art swap again because i am fully 110% utterly in love with that! wow! you should create and sell prints, lady! seriously.

(altered curiosities is fantastic indeed!)

lastly, but most importantly, thank you so very much, my beautiful sweet friend. i was ooohing and aaaahing and getting all choked up reading what you wrote about me and then laughed so hard and loud i'm surprised i didn't wake the wee man when i read "that could be likened to reading your favourite story while trying to crack a rubik's cube". i so love you! and want to know a secret little funny thing? you know that crackle bit you posted? well, my dear sisterly friend, that is from one of the pages of the book that i made for YOU and never posted or admitted to. hah! funny how the world works, isn't it. and so funny too -- i totally forgot about that wee baby head and the brain boy. i repainted his brain to be more healthy and less day-glow 80s looking. he's going to be powered by a motor and will spin atop a clock-faced box. shhhhhh though. ;)

i love ya, sweets! it's currently 5:44 PM your time on monday. can i ring you or are you not at home?

(i think i have to put that lady with a rubik's cube and doll photo as my desktop image in replacement of the dead crow that is currently there)

Debrina said...

Ha ha. Hello Alicia. Well, it's all true you know. Funnily enough, I tried to scan that beautiful book of yours with the crackle (my camera is too useless to take such a close up), but it came out real stink, lol. So how cool is that that you had taken a photo of it anyway??
The rubiks cube picture is so cool, aye? I thought her hair might have been a little longer though...

kiwicarole said...

Hi! Sounds like you had a fantastic time - no cooking, no dishes, no kids, wow it's a win win situation! lol
Cool atc, love your colours. Finished my last assignment today. I feel partially liberated ha! Only 3 exams to swot for now :{

kiwicarole said...

Hi Deb
I would surely be thrilled to have a stitchery done by you in my quilt! Totally! Do I have
I will zoom on over and say hi to Pania in the morning, if I go visit now, I'll never get to bed!! I should be swotting tomorrow, but I'm going to have a day off and make some atcs that I owe people, I'm a little behind!

Will catch up with you soon,
I don't have your email address, can you send it to me?
Carole :}

Lynn said...

Hi Debrina, thanks for visiting me, you reminded me to get back and leave a comment. I was going to, then the phone rang, then I got side tracked, know how it is? LOL
I wanted to say that I love the ATC you made for Viola, and I saw the one she created for you, lucky girls, and I was browsing your art work which I love, just had to follow you :)
Hope you had great fun with your friend.

Anonymous said...

hah! wrong crackle, my pretty little friend. there is a photo of the one i've sent you on my site, but the little bit you posted is in the book i haven't yet sent. so you get double alicia crackle bits. ;) either way i'm glad you like them! the one i previously sent is HARD to photograph or scan due to the metallic hues. that's why i took a side shot, i think.

Debrina said...

Hello Lynn - nice of you to stop by and say hi formally! Lovely to meet you!

Carole - I'll send my email to you again!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! loved looking at your work in progress at Pania's - I want one (my own Pania! :-)

And of course love Alicia's work. Very inspiring and original.

Finally - thanks for your comment on my blog and of course you may lift artworks to your blog - it would be an honor.

Hugs to you, Debs .. will you consider coming to live here in Dubai xx

alicia said...

hugs in passing!

winnsangels said...

So much goodness packed into one blog post. Thanks for directing us to Pania's blog and also for sharing your art from there. Gorgeous mail art piece. I'm inspired. And then you led us on to Alicia's art. Glorious.

Should mention I found you over at ilka's attic :)

Ascender Rises Above said...

Enjoyed my visit today; so funny that doll brain; there is a whole series which could be created on that alone. fascinating stuff.

Debrina said...

Well hello WinnsAngels - what a lovely name, and so nice to meet you. I'm popping over your way to visit. It's always nice to meet new people and make friends!
Alicia, hugs back! Lol! Fadwa and Ascender, always nice to see you here! The brains are so cool, aren't they? Also, Pania is just an amazing artist. Do enjoy her beautiful work!

in the light of the moon said...

Debrina,thanks so much for stopping by my blog.Like your friend Pania,I am also new to blogging,and I am loving the journey.Time is my only problem,never enough of it,to go through all the wonderful blogs that cross my way.Thank you again.Cat