Saturday, 3 October 2009

Hand on Heart - I'm back from the land of gold!

"Hand on Heart"
Copyright D.Price-Ewen 2009
An ATC swap card for Gaby Bee

Yes, I'm back! It rained 4 out of the 5 days while I was down in Nelson on my holiday. Hooray! This from a place renowned for its sunny climate, golden beaches and wildlife.  The one day it was sunny, thank goodness, was the day we visited the Golden Bay area:

Keryn (my younger sister) at one of the beaches we visited in the Golden Bay area

Collapsing House - Takaka

Thick with mist on Takaka Hill

Takaka is a favourite place of mine, not only for its stunning scenery, but also for meeting artists old and new.  Of the old, one of my favourites is Sara MacReady for her gorgeous, colourful, whimisical pen and water-colours, a sample of which I have scanned here (from the collection of cards I bought from her gallery):

Sara MacReady - Copyright 2009
Watercolour and Pen

In another gallery, I met the multi-talented mixed media, watercolour and acrylic artist, Philly Hall.  The picture below is one of hers.  Done in acrylic, it adorns the wall of her parents' home.  At the time of my visit, she was doing a series of mixed media works based on our beautiful, braided South Island rivers.  Hers and her fellow artists' gallery, the Monza Art Gallery, can be viewed by going on their virtual bay tour .

"Forest Floor Melody"
Acrylic on walnut piano panel
by Philly Hall
Copyright 2005


Another artist who caught my eye was acrylic painter Kathy Reilly, whose teacup paintings (using New Zealand nature as her inspiration) were just delightful:

"Kina Cup" (Kina means Sea Urchin in Maori)
by Kathy Reilly
Copyright 2009

Well, it didn't take me long to get back into my art as soon as I came home.  Going away on holiday really does recharge the batteries, just as I expected it would.  I've finished my two ATCs for Gaby Bee (see one of these in the first picture I posted).  I've also started my collages for Dale Copeland's International Collage Exchange (see my favourite websites panel, left).  Finally, I've made a few more things for my next swap package to Alicia of Altered Bits and begun putting togehter my next mail art creation for Lyle.  Very shortly I'm about to begin a collaboration with Lisa Sarsfield (see my next post, featuring the 7 blogger artists that currently inspire me).  And Kim, from Merlin's Musings, I haven't forgotten your Renaissance package - it'll be posted this Tuesday.


Jacky said...

You're right...I must have been commenting while you were posting!!!
Sounds like you had a lovely break and it was great to see some of the art you lucky enough to see while away.
Looking forward to seeing what you create after a re-energising holiday.

Jacky xox

ArtPropelled said...

Interesting photographs, Debrina. Did you go inside the collapsing house in Takaka?

Lawendula said...

Hiho, nice to meet you and I am glad you're in, another one from NZ, that is great!
And what do I see: Jacky and Robyn in your comments. What a small village our blogland is. So great!
Greetings from Germany!

Lisa said...

the ATC you made for Gaby is beautiful!sound like your trip fueled your artistic muse even if it rained a lot!

La Dolce Vita said...

love the tree shot and there is just something magical about mist! sounds like you have had a bit of relaxation! I know how that revs up the art soul! xx cat

layers said...

yes, whenever one goes away and sees other artists and other work-- it is a battery charge to our thinking and working.

Kim said...

Lovin the sea urchin cup! Sounds a fab holiday, I love the rain, so relaxing. We haven't had any for months so send some my way LOL! The card for Gaby is gorgeous, Deb! Love all those golden colours.

Debrina said...

Hi all - so glad you could pop on by to see the mist and the trees and the art! Coming on by each one of you to thank you in bloggy person!

kiwicarole said...

hey! email me thru my profile, maybe we could meet for lunch some time??
carole ;)

Debrina said...

Yes yes, I will!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems like you are a busy person with a lot on your plate. I am less than active just short of being a slug.

Thanks for popping in at the Pick a Peck...

Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

WoW - you do so much Debrina! thanks for the note, I don't know why my blog doesn't update, but you are not the first to tell me that, So I will check my linky things and see if I set up something wrong.
I am chugging along, facing real challenges in my life and learning that Pain is sometimes our Teacher, and as we learn to nurture ourselves, we can then teach nurturing to others.
Husband still without a job, so we are just waiting on the Universe to show us the way.
Luckily, our three kids are doing okay, and I am in my studio so that is a triumph in and of itself.
ANYHEW - thanks for checking in, and I admire your collaborative energy - please don't let our journal work be a burden, just as it is comfortable and easy.
and one day, I bet I will come to New Zealand and we can share all this artsiness in person!
all the best, Em

MrCachet said...

To answer your question - no - I haven't gotten it yet. I was gone for four days on a little 'holiday' of my own, floating the Missouri river in the White Cliffs Wild and Scenic National Monument area. It rained for twenty-fours straight, so we were pretty miserable river rats. We had fun and enjoyed it however. It does a good job on the recharge, doesn't it!?

Sam Marshall said...

The photos are wonderful, Debrina. The ATC is beautiful.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Oh so much to see! Love the tree and the falling-down-house and the paintings! Lovely lovely all of it. I also love your textured piece behind the image of your collage...very nice indeed! Oh and the collaboration...I can't wait!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Silly me..You've started your exchange! Wahoo...can't wait for sneaky peaks!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

i often wonder if people are interested in the photos I take around my little town. While not nearly as gorgeous and haunting as yours, i see the importance. I was in awe of the landscape, foreign to me and something I would never be able to experience were it not for your wonderful photos.

I'm so glad you are back. I've missed your quirky, truly altered, art.

Patti said...

All of the photographs are heavenly! A different landscape can be so enticing - where exactly did you go?? Sorry about all the rain but it looks like you made the most of it all and I'm glad you are recharged - I also hope you'll be posting photos of the upcoming art projects you mentioned!
hugs - p
p.s. I love the list of words...

Debrina said...

Hello you lovely people - Patti, we were in Takaka (West of Nelson in the top part of the South Island), I'll post some more photos in my next blog posting, as well as a map.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Don't worry Debrina! I totally agree that the fantail is not ICE material:) I am doing it for another collage:) Sorry to worry you like that!
Your very sweet, thankyou but please save your money...we could always make a 14th each and do a blind swap at the end of ICE?
Can't wait to see yours!

MrCachet said...

My suggestion on the NZ mail system is to use the removable labels for proper addresses. I've yet to have one returned but for the one I sent to the Horse of A Different Color Gallery, and it wasn't in OZ. LOL. And yes, I popped in to Andrea's and decided to follow. I took you on your recommend, and you weren't off by any stretch. She's struggling with the $$$ thing, but HEY! Who doesn't. I don't think we'd be artists if we weren't Penny Poor and (creative) Juice Rich.

Also, I see Seth is going to be interviewed by Marty Weil of the Ephemera blog tomorrow. It's an honor and one I'm not going to miss.

Viola said...

Your ATC looks wonderful, Debrina! I`m working on too! ;o)

Debrina said...

Hello Viola, yes, me too! Look forward to the October swap!

Marty Weil said...

thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm glad you found the ephemera blog interesting. It's wonderful to hear from readers, and, as promised, I've checked out your very cool blog. I'm glad I did.

Come back anytime.

Anonymous said...

what an extraordinarily fun trip it looks like you had! i missed you ever so much but am so glad that you had such a great time and got to see so many beautiful sights, including your gorgeous sister!

i lovelovelove the atc you made for miss gaby, ty the way. how gorgeous!!

(hopefully blogger isn't hating me today -- tried to comment the other day)

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Your hand on heart ATC is gorgeous!! The colours, the image, everything!!

Flower's Page said...

Mate i wish i'd been with you!!! catch up soon eh?

The Artful Eye said...

Hi Debrina,
Looks like you just returned from a lovely getaway. What is it about collapsing houses and misty winding roads that draws us near? I love these images.

Beautiful ATC lovely texture and composition. Looking forward to our altered book round robin.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I love the photos Debrina. Time away can be so refreshing.