Saturday, 10 October 2009

The International Collage Exchange, Pulp Redux and one of the top seven...

"The Blank Page"
Mixed media on canvas by D.Price-Ewen
Copyright 2009

Hello and best wishes everyone, for the week ahead! 
Well, last week was busy, busy.  I'm back at work and there is so much to do at my library currently, I really don't feel as if I'm getting anything accomplished - both there and at home!  However, as promised, I have taken some photos of my International Collage Exchange entries so far (I'm onto number three now...but still feel I have more to do on number two).

The series is entitled "The Pillow Book" after one of my favourite movies by the same name.  Number one in the series, pictured above, is entitled "The Blank Page".  Thus, this gorgeous woman's naked body begins the series.  She is the blank page...the blank canvas: the first thing an artist or writer is confronted with before they begin to create.  As such, the next in the series features a woman who has been written on, after being cleansed.  She is from the famous Turkish Bath painting by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres.   I'm basing the series around a collection of quotes from the movie; as such, the first quote is based on the conversation had between Nagiko and Jerome: "How can I get pleasure writing on you?  You have to write on me?" (this is Nagiko speaking).  Jerome answers: "Go on.  Use my body like the pages of a book. Of your book."

"Use my body like the pages of a book"
Mixed media on canvas by D.Price-Ewen
Copyright 2009

If you would like to participate in the 12th International Collage Exchange, or find out more about this amazing yearly event, then pop on over to Dale Copeland's website, right here.  She is a super duper lady with a bundle of energy that belies her years...and the act of participating really does do wonders for developing discipline, solidifying concepts and for experimentation.  It is also a selfless act, as 11 of the 13 collages are exchanged with other participants.

Susan Winn: Field of Greens
An Altered Book available to issue at the Portland Public Library via MECA (Maine College of Art)

Next up is some news - I would like to introduce you to an altered book collaboration I am participating in with Lisa Sarsfield of Lucky Dip, Alicia Caudel of Altered Bits, Kim Palmer from Merlin's Musings and Andrea Forgone from An Artful Eye.  We have decided to call this venture Pulp Redux ("redux" meaning the restoration of previously removed material, and pulp being slang for a type of fiction but also paper pulp used to make the pages in a book!).  These clever, talented women are all fabulous mixed media artists and I just can't wait to see what we create in the course of our collaboration.  To stay in touch with progress, you can visit our blog here for juicy pictures, to make comments and to view progress (I will also place a linked image in the left hand column of my blog).  

And now, introducing...

The Altered Attic!

Well, as promised, I will be introducing you all to at least one (maybe two) of my top seven favourite art bloggers each time I do a new blog post (when I say "favourite", what I mean is these are the bloggers that have inspired me to think about things in a little more detail).  It all began with Patti Edmon.  One posting in particular,  the "I Wonder" post. 

"I Wonder"
Collage by Patti Edmon
Copyright 2009

To me, this is one of the most magical postings I have read in anyone's blog.  I summed Patti up a couple of blog postings ago, by writing the following:

diction, tone, pain, beauty, softness, empathy, intelligence

These adjectives really do sum up Patti's art and writing.  Her tone and diction are always so gentle and intelligent: When writing about her collage, she brings her thoughts and the knowledge she gleans from the books she has read and her own life experiences into the thread of her posting: "... instead of hoping that my guardian angel is watching over me, I can simply wonder where she hovers..."; "I started thinking...about shifting from hoping to wondering, and how it helps avoid disappointment."; ...[with the] premise that, since we have little - or no - control over the future of our art, our jobs, our children, that if we merely wonder, there is no outcome attached to those hopes. It removes the pressure from the future. Same goes for wishing and wanting."

Her personal and spiritual beauty shines through her collages, her words and her thoughts.  There is a softness and an empathy with Patti that makes me want to crawl into her blog (and one of her collages) and curl up into all that softness and beauty to just rest.  When I go visit Patti, I stay a long time...and when I leave, I feel refreshed, energised and inspired: cured from the day's chaos.  Thanks for that, Patti.  You are one in a million; a healer among the art blogging community.  That makes your art and your writing just so very precious.

Nest week, I'll introduce you to two more fantastic bloggers.  In the meantime, take care.


Mar said...

well have all kinds of stuff going on!
both of the collages are wonderful!
you and crackle are friends i see
he doesn't visit me very well...
and i love the effect it lends to work

how fabulous to be involved in a collaboration they can be lots of fun

the last one i can remember being involved with
was with the glass guild i belonged to (long long time ago..)
we made a childrens window for the childrens section at a new library
and donated it
that was our yearly group project

ahhh memories

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Told you I was stalking ya blog!! lol.
Love your concept behind your ICE series, love these collages too and how the warmth of your colours really embraces your theme. The colours are bold againts the white and the white suggest the blank page also...fabulous start Debs!
I can't wait to see where you go with these and to see if I will be lucky enough to end up with one of yours when Dale does her swapping out!

Yaaay our collab! I am so excited about this!

You so kind taking the time to praise up another artist like you have here, I will have to follow your links!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Oh, I meant to ask...did you see the exhibtion online of altered books that were recycled from a library in America some where...a vandal was destroying books with reference to gay living, a hate crime...heaps of books, cut, ripped, scribbed over. Clearly someone with a probably with homosexuality.. but some clever person came up with the idea of handing these books out to artists and they did some AMAZING things with them and turned them into books of love, anti-predujice (sp!!) and acceptance. I will try and find a link if you havn't seen it.

kiwicarole said...

Hey thanks for the cool links to follow! Can you go to my blog profile and email me, as I don't have your email addy, so can't send you a copy of the pic. (if you'd like it!)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your collages are wonderful. I've often thought it would be nice to join the Dale Copeland collaboration, but I have never felt I was that good.

I really would like to know what brand of crackle you use. I had a ton of trouble (and was deeply disappointed) with Tim Holtz's distress crackle.

I like your new feature, too. It will give me a new artist to check out each week.

Debrina said...

Hi Mar, Lisa, Carole and Elizabeth! Thanks for your sweet comments. Lisa, I am familiar with those altered books. I think, maybe, it was on Seth's blog? Mar and Elizabeth - I use folk art crackle medium. Just one application is all it takes. Let it dry, then apply paint over top. As that dries, the crackle goes to work. Carole - I've sent you my email via your blog comments page.

Jo Archer said...

Hi Debbie, love your pieces for the collage exchange. The writing on the body is something I've always found very sensual.

Thanks for introducing us to Altered Attic, some thought provoking stuff going on there, which I am now following!

Lastly, I'm now sorry that I'm not taking part in the altered book page! Waaah! I just have so much on at the moment, but if I get it all done maybe I might sneak in. Best get off this computer then and get some work done!

La Dolce Vita said...

great post Deb! sounds like lots of fun, wish I had time to participate! LOL! love the pieces you featured and yes, doesn't everyone know Patti???xo

Anonymous said...

my super sweetness! i was unable to comment last night as while i was initially perusing this post i was on the phone with the beautiful and talented YOU. i'm not as good at multi-tasking as i once was and wished to give you my full attention. so now, i have finally read this fantastic post.

first off, as you know, i adore your two newest collages! can't wait to see the final additions to the second, or see for the first time your third! i love dale's idea and think it sounds like SO much fun! if i can do only 4 or so, i would very much like to participate. 13 is far too big a commitment right now. :) i shall email her.

our book exchange is going to be super fun! i can't wait! i will make the final sets of pages for it today, and start in on the cover. finally picked my theme which i will post later on pulp redux.

i love patti! i also love that both her piece and your second contain little bits and pieces from me! you guys are so sweet! or i just have cool papers, lol.

i soooooo wish jo was playing. jo, we are taking a year or more to do this -- at least a month per book so please just think about it again, if even for a split second, lady!

more soon. lovin' ya, sweets!

Debrina said...

Hello Alicia, Caterina and Jo. Jo I will chat to Lisa and see what she says...I'm sure it wont be a big prob to add you in later. We'll have to see. Cat, you are a hun! Alicia, you're a hun too! I'm looking at the first collage thinking she looks like she's floating a I'm gonna find some pillows for her. And yes, the Pulp Redux collaboration is gonna be real fun, for sure!

Patti said...

Mistress Deb, you truly are one in a zillion; I can't tell you how much I appreciate your description and inclusion of my work on your blog! (well, maybe I can, I'll work on it!:)
I see comments from a couple of buds as well - you all create a sense of beauty that radiates far beyond your own boundaries... hey, if we keep it up, imagine what we might accomplish...
You go girl!
hugs and more, p

Patti said...

p.s. I'm going to check out the International Collage Exchange - and I'm definitely keeping up with Pulp Redux - love the name and the concept!!! Can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Debrina said...

You are so very welcome, Patti. We all love you; we al love your work. The magic starts there.

Corrine said...

Hi there, Wow you ave been busy. I've been head down and tail up too, I'm hopeing to join in with Dale's swap, but can't promise just yet as work is getting a bit overwelming Good luck with your collaboration and I can't wait to see the result

Шура said...

Браво! Очень интересно!

(Bravo Very interesting!)

Kim said...

Love the collages Deb, can't wait to get started in everyone's books of course, you so know the ideas are popping out of my head now I've seen some themes, LOL! Love both the artists you featured here today. Patti's work is fabulous and I loved the altered book when I saw that one too, how clever is that!

Karin Bartimole said...

Hi Deb, there's so much in this rich post! Your collages are beautiful, and I love the piece you've shared of Susan Winns, too. But I especially have enjoyed your tribute the the marvelous Patti :) A well deserved honoring, you did a wonderful job sharing about one of my favorite bloggers, too!
Glad to have been introduced to you, via her, Karin

Anonymous said...

What an impressive woman you are! I love your collages and the stories behind them. Hpw do you find the time for everything?! I haven't dared do a collaborative anything yet.


Debrina said...

Ah well you see...people keep asking me how I find the time. Well, it's called run to the studio after toddler goes to sleep at 7pm; close the door, put on music and get to it (no procrastination). The husband, when he misses me, comes in and has a cuppa tea with me and we talk while I play (can't call it work, really). I usually crash at about 10.30 -11pm to get up at 6.30am and do all my "domestic" duties then. Sleep, although important, is not nearly as important as my art.

There you go Fadwa, that's how I do it! Lol!

Lawendula said...

Hi, thanks for your comment. Glad, you make contact with your swap partner- I wish you all the best and much of fun.
Yes, the shipping costs. Ridiculous. How I wish, I could have an Etsy store, but no way. Shall I charge people $10 for postage?!
So, not knowing what they are in Belgium, Netherlands, Israel etc., I had to keep that costs short. If you wish to swap in a bigger amount with your partner, feel free to do so! Just ask.
See you next time, LW

PS: Your art is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

okay lady, i haven't even finished responding to your emails which is what i SHOULD be doing now but i wanted to see if you had any new posts. ;)

if you can find a usb cable for my camera because part of it is just raw wires and i don't want you or our wee bug to electrocute yourselves, i will send you my digital nikon to use for as long as you want until you obtain another -- a month, a year, i don't care. at lest it's something and it takes pretty high-res photos (it's kind of old, but works).

unless... did you get a new one yet?

loving ya, sistah.