Saturday, 24 October 2009

Unforgettable...A New ACEO, Pulp Redux and Fadwa

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Yet another week of domestic madness with only the smallest but brightest of little blips on the sanity radar in my art studio, lol!  All four of my Renaissance Collection ACEOs in my ETSY store have sold (thank you!!), so I thought I better start on a new series.  Titled "Unforgettable" this series comprises another 4 ACEOS (the first of which I have posted here - it's not entirley finished yet).  I'm really playing with layering and texture still - but this series also incorporates recycled metallic filigree work.  Hopefully I'll have these all finished this week, then I'll load them up into my Etsy store.

"Boys don't make passes at girls who wear eyeglasses"
Thanks "Freaking News" for your fantastical artwork!

Well, my other focus this week has been working on my Pulp Redux altered book.  I'm beginning to work on the cover of the portfolio, now that I've decided how the book layout and binding will go. My book, by the way, is called Through the Eye Glass - I wanted to use this theme to allow all contributors as much scope and freedom of choice as possible when embellishing the book.  My inspiration was Alice and Wonderland's Through the Looking Glass, but I didn't want to go all literal with that, hence my slightly twisted alternative.

I would now like to introduce you to number 3 in my top 7 art bloggers spotlight.  Everybody, please meet The Gypsy:  

Please note: all words and images are the property of Fadwa of Fadwa's Inspirational Blog.  Please observe International Copyright Law.

Also known as Fadwa, the Gypsy is a free spirit that currently hails from Dubai.  A talented art journalist, writer and jewelry designer, I love her for her candour and her unpretentious creativity.

Her jewelery designs are just drop dead gorgeous.  Her trip recently to her homeland, Spain,  brought about some magical art journaling:

I love the attention to detail in these pages...these fibre art patterns (above and below) are just so beautiful.

Her father's garden in Spain, another source of inspiration (and the writing is oh so dreamy):

Did I mention that she writes? (Lol)
Some simply stunning, gorgeous, poetical writing excerpts by Fadwa:
On rain:
"I love it. I love rain and all its moods; its tender dew, its warm droplets, its temper when it pours, the way it makes the skies thunder."

On breasts:
"They challenged my shirts, my dresses, my bed, my mirror.Their shadow, during the many sunny days, always exposed my secret as it spilt over walls, pavements and passers-by. They would storm the space before me and they would always arrive before I did. Nothing stands in their way; they drag me behind them. They reach forever towards the skies, lunging forward like an invitation, and an obvious, loud and rebellious sign of my femininity."

On secrets:
"I realized that I’m alone within its walls, and within its walls I can release all that I have withheld in the light; for here no one can hear me, especially not God."

I hope you take some time out of your day to visit Fadwa and say hi.

FADWA: Spain, heat, rain, dance, passion, pen, burkas....

Catch you again next week!


lyle baxter said...

hi deb, love your new aceo and fadwa's work is just wonderful! thanks for showing us lyle

MrCachet said...

LOL. Is the lady behind the glasses available? WOW. How does anyone do something like that? I can't take my eyes off of her, and I'm wearing glasses...

La Dolce Vita said...

love your new pieces! LOL over the glasses! Fadwas work and writing are both spectacular loved the Breast piece! you made my day! thanks Deb!

in the light of the moon said...

Debrina,your new ACEO just wonderful.And as far as Fadwa..well I love her words and art and I just cant wait to see more of her work!!Thanks to you!!Cat

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your new ACEO is gorgeous. And I'm so glad you introduced your blog readers to Fadwas. What a treat!!

Lynn said...

Your aceo is fantastic, love all the texture in such a small piece especially :)

Debrina said...

Hi all. Lyle - thanks for the compliment...and yes, isn't Fadwa just wonderful!

Dave - it's amazing what photoshop can do when these talented people get their mits on it!

Catriona - thanks! Fadwa will just love that comment. Where is she???

Cat - I know!! Thanks!!

Elizabeth and Lynn - you are just too sweet. I'm so glad you enjoyed meeting Fadwa!

I'm coming on by to all of you now to say hi!

Anonymous said...

Here I am! :-)

Hi Debs, this is such an honour! You really are a sweetheart. You have as big a heart as your art is great. I was telling Renee (Circlying over my head) that this is what the internet is about .. its people like you that make the world a global village.

Thanks everyone for your nice comments, it's really heart-warming. And, yes, the Breasts piece did cause a bit of a jiggle here and there (sorry, couldn't help myself).

I have to mention that the GyPsY notebook is not my work, it was created for me by Karin Bartimole

Hugs & kisses

ArtPropelled said...

LOL .... the breast piece! Bright, arty, interesting post, thanks Debrina.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

That ACEO is wonderful! Your layers are perfect and the little jewel pieces. Congrats on your sales!

I am going over to visit the Gypsy now...

The Josie Baggley Company said...

so you want to know the music playing on my blog ? ok. It's a French guy called Ridan. I listened to his music alot & thoroughly enoyed his gigs when I lived in France. He's very popular dude over there.If you go back a little further on my blog same page you'll see another movie slide show where the music is playing from and pick up the details.Make you work for it!LoL
Thanks for commenting on my Alice's White Rabbit painting btw.


The Josie Baggley Company said...

haha & you knoe Debs-I actually thought that I WAS following your blog!I am NOW!! LoL what are we LIKE?


Anonymous said...

So sorry for the confusion, Debs. It's all mine, all the writing, the breasts :-), and even the Life does not need to be perfect quote on my blog now. I was talking about the particular GyPsY notebook itself feature in this post. The empty notebook was created for me by Karin. I have yet to fill it up. I just wanted to make sure that she got credit for creating it.

Kim said...

Unforgettable is gorgeous Deb! Can't wait to see more of your book of course. Love the glasses girl!

Debrina said...

Oh phew Fadwa! You had me worried there for a moment! I was SURE it was your work, but you kinda threw me a bit with your mention of Karin! Well, credit goes where credit is due, so I'm glad you pointed that out to us!

Ha ha Raine - we are a pair aren't we!!

Oooh Kim - don't worry, the book pictures are coming....

Poetic Artist said...

I love the glasses. I also love the aceo..I do wish I could work that small and make it so beautiful. Thanks for sharing other people work. It is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

oooh, i love your new work and i love fadwa too. thanks so much for sharing!

hope you had a great weekend! i meant to call you but didn't hear from you so assumed you were super busy. now i see why!

are you putting that ACEO on the MMA ning group that i said i lovelovelove on your etsy? you should! but tell me two minutes in advance so i can snatch it right up!


Anonymous said...

P.S. that's a lie. boys make LOTS of passes at girls who wear glasses -- i know 'cause i'm a four-eyes. that girl is creepy though. ;)


Debrina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Debrina said...

Jeesh - my spelling is atrocious, so had to delete that last comment. Ok, here's what I was trying to say: Oh I know it's a lie, Alicia! It is actually a well known saying, unfotunately. There was a tv ad on here once that played up on it. It was actually selling glasses - and that was the spin on their ad. The glasses and the girls that were wearing them were really funky and all the boys couldn't help but make passes!

Lisa said...

deb, your aceo is gorgeous..fancy those eyes and glasses...very mesmerizing. Enjoyed Fadwa's work and her writing.. it's always nice to meet new creative talents!!!