Saturday, 7 November 2009

JafaBrit, Pulp Redux, New ACEOs

Three new ACEOs just added to My Etsy Store

Another week of madness (must it always be that way, lol?).  A reasonable amount of work accomplished though, so that's gotta be good!

This greeting card collection (all hand drawn in white ink by moi!) is also for My Etsy Store...

Ok, enough of the shameless promotion of my wares. 
Now onto something very, very important.  May I now introduce to you the 4th of my favourite blogger's blogs...JafaBrit!

(NOTE: all images copyright of Corrine Bayraktaroglu)

I described Jafabrit in an earlier post as the following:

JAFA: penises, square-pegs, wooley men, flowers, embroidery, provocative,

Yes I know she sounds rather X-rated and you'd probably be right.  She's the most provocative artist I know!  Here's why I love her...she's SO original, she doesn't know the word "can't" and she makes things that are soft and hard (oooh ahhh).  She also calls a spade a spade.  I like that the most about her.  Take "Dinner Guest from Hell" above embroidery.  I love the fact that this is embroidered.  The guy she had to put up with at a dinner party was apparently a real prick.  So, Jafabrit pricked a prick out of him with her needles.

I also take my hat off to anyone who can work in such soft mediums like fabric, thread and wool then turn her hand to stone, wood and metal.

Here's what I mean:
Metal (aluminium can)

Embroidery  and ...



Is there anything flowery about this woman?  Anything?
Why yes, yes there is:

Jafa girl, you rock!

Finally, a quick update on my Pulp Redux project:
I changed the portfolio cover a bit (complete with a metal and bead latch), worked on the first pages (see new little round window feature).  Here are the updates (the three latest pictures on top):
Till next week (same time same bat place)!


Studio DavAnn said...

Cool post as alwaaaaays, thanks for the tip on "JafaBrit".


JafaBrit's Art said...

oh my gosh, blush! wow, thank you so much for the shout out and comments. I am seriously flattered :) (where is the smiling like a cheshire cat grin icon when ya need it huh).

As for your ACEOs, flipping eck! they are really kick ass (as the amreican's like to say).

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Thanks for the introduction! I got a kick out of just that - the skeleton! Will go see now...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

JafaBrit has got to be the coolest artist! Love the art and your description of her.

Got so excited to post this, I nearly forgot to comment on your awesome ATCs.

Anonymous said...

i love your new aceos and i love jafabrit's work! woooots! what wonderful eye candy, sweets! thank you!!

twas wonderful to speak with you today. looking forward to your package and sending yours on monday -- almost done with the last goody i'm popping in for you. ;)


Kim said...

Wow Deb, so much to see. Love the aceos, and the cards just gorgeous! How cool is JafaBrit's art! Love that glass piece! I pretty sure that could become another obsession with relative ease! Gee girl, you have been BUSY! I'm flat out keeping up with everyone's blogs now I'm at the pointy end of the move!

Debrina said...

Hi everyone - lovely to hear from you all. As usual, I'll be popping on by to say hi!

Elizabeth said...

What a post!! love it and also your ATC's!! I have two wayward travelers hear at my home in VA and Jacky said something about getting them to NY! Do they want to get there directly or do they want to take the road less traveled???
Let me know what you have in mind and how i am to proceed!!! love your RR project. wish I were doing it with you!!! Mud Hound is a fav of mine!

Lisa said...

Lovely art pieces those ATC's are! Excellent window you've added on your pulp book.

Cool new the intro to Jafabrits work... fab unique pieces and excellent job on the accompanying commentary.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Oh I love you're new card Debrina! You're one multi-talented lady! Too flippin clever!

Sorry for my disspearnce act, dramas on the home front but settling now I hope!

I am so going to check out the Jafabrit chic, she sounds seriously cool!

Debrina said...

Hello you wonderful gorgeous creatures you! Elizabeth - is it true? You have teh tragic fashion couple??? Who did you get them from and how do we get them to one of NY's premier fashion houses?
Lisa and Lisa - you two aer just adorable and so bloomin' talented it's such an honour to get such wonderful compliments from you!!

MrCachet said...

I'll start watching!

I'm frantically attempting to put my portfolio together for the Friday evening Fall Art Walk. Four hours of schmoozing with what little money still exists in this town.

If the mail art is anything like your ACEOs I'm in serious doo-doo. The clerks at the PO know me and my correspondence well, since I try to get any of it hand-canceled and they make certain that mine doesn't go through the machine.

They also sort to the box, so I know before I get there, as in --- "Hey Dave! I see you got a naked woman in the mail"! LOL.

You aren't going to embarrass me, are you? LOL.

MrCachet said...

BTW - Did you turn me on to Andrea Joseph?

Jasmine said...


I love the guerila knitting. Grrl & Dog does some pretty amazing posts on this theme too.

your boxes are wonderful. I'm so glad you liked the necklace. one of the nicest thing about this art exchange is being introduced to knew artists :)

Patti said...

I knew there was something else I loved about you - thanks for sharing JafaBrit - I'll have to check out her site. You are so wonderful to share these finds (I know firsthand!)
Love the new ACEOs - do you ship to Bulls?

druga szesnascie said...

I'm so glad (and relieved) that my mirror arrived safely and most of all - that you liked it.
it was a real pleasure to create for you.

Debbie Price-Ewen said...

Patti - of course I can deliver to Bulls!! I'll get in touch...I sniff a sale...ha ha!
Jasmine and Druga - I can't thank you enough for your beautiful and stunning gifts!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, love her wildness (and your generousity as always). Will go off to visit her now.

Love your ATC Debs, always!