Monday, 28 December 2009

Art Journaling, Lisa J, Lisa S and Lyle and a Summery Xmas

Jason in the magic forest...Xmas Eve
D.Price-Ewen 2009

Hi all and Merry Xmas!!  It's as muggy as a moggy's armpit here in NZ!  Sweltering summer heat with the Pohutakawa (The New Zealand Xmas Tree) finally in flower and the forest green and lush.  Jason (my son) and I went for a walk through all this lushness on Christmas Eve.  We saw trolls in the trees and fairies flitting around (ok, they may have actually been tree fungi and little flying insects, but with a bit of imagination...).  I took a heap of photographs as I always do when I'm visiting this magical place. 

Ghost of the Forest
Copyright D.Price-Ewen 2009
I've spent quite a bit of time relaxing at home; nice to be able to put my feet up even with the boy running round like a ragged rascal.  I have finally hit upon the perfect solution with regards my art and craft and trying to keep it away from curious, busy little hands: a cane suitcase which holds all my current projects and one which I can dip into, work on top of and then quickly shut and lock before Jason gets to it.  It's a bloomin' blessing, I tell ya!

So, from my cane suitcase has come the following:

The beginnings of a hand-made journal.  I've repurposed a folio and old lace, fabric and buttons, with a bit of crafty hand-stitchery.  On the front cover I have added a friendship book that Alicia from Altered Bits made for me several months back now.  Finally, a little board book is tucked into the beginnings of a pocket on the left hand side of the folio.  Of course, this is only the start - I have more plans with ageing and embellishment - especially the front of that manilla coloured spiral bound cover.   Alicia from Altered Bits and I have decided to make this a shared journal project - hence my inclusion of her friendship book. We wanted to develop not only our friendship but also our respective sewing and stitching skills, so this was the perfect format to get started.  Alicia has just finished doing the most to-die-for journal using her Alice in Wonderland mixed media piece for the cover.  I'm hoping she'll post it up on her blog soon for you to go and drool over.

Alice in Wonderland mixed media print by Alicia Caudle of Altered Bits
Copyright 2009

We're also doing a series of book-cards that will eventually be bounded into hand-made art books.  My inspiration, just recently, has come from Leslie over at Textures, Shapes and Color.  She has done the perfect tribute to these shared books and I am just in love with her own shared art book. 

Now onto something I've been promising for a while - the three Ls:  Lyle, Lisa J and Lisa S - the final three blogger spotlights that make up my promise, way back in September this year, when honouring the MeMe award I received back then 

- Lyle's Christmas Tribute -
Collage and carved wood block stamp images
Copyright 2009

I'm going to start with Lyle - a mail art friend of mine from over at Just a Note.  Lyle's currently experiencing some heavy snow her way, in direct contrast to our balmy state of affairs!  Lyle's the queen of collage and handcrafted wood block stamps.  I have been very lucky over this past year to have recived some fantastic mail art from Lyle.  Her most recent, I'm totally in love with:

and one of the side panels of the envelope which holds so much detail in such a tiny space:

I love teeny, tiny things.  Really small detail always gets me excited, so I never tire of Lyle's clever artwork.  The collage below contains little ghost birds, which you could almost mistake for wood-cut marks, but are in fact the key element to the story in this piece:

Thank you Lyle for all your wonderful mail-art and your warm letters.  I look forward to our continuing correspondence!

Speaking of incredible detail, may I now introduce you to Lisa Jurist of Mud Hound Studio (formerly Mud Hound Primitives)...

Lisa has been bloggin since January 2009 and I've been following ever since.  But it wasn't until about June/July of this year that I really sat up and took notice of this briliant artist.  July 7th's posting, in particular, is when she absolutely captivated me with her "Enraptured" piece.  Originally a challenge piece for Mind Wide Open I think the finished artwork went on to capture and enrapture a whole new set of followers:

"Enraptured" - experiments with gel medium
Copyright 2009, Lisa Jurist

The detail in both this and her "Contentment" piece is so phenomenally rich and wonderfully feminine, I never tire of blowing her works up to generous proportions ( porn) and drooling:

"Enraptured" - experiments with gel medium

Copyright 2009, Lisa Jurist

Lisa has just recently taken another turn in her creative endeavours by participating in the altered book round robin, Pulp Redux.  Her contributions to date are incredibly rich in detail, beauty and sentimentality. Her repurposed photo album is dedicated to her grandmother, and is appropriately titled Roots Beneath the Layers.   In my opinion, Lisa's work, which uses the most earthly and primitive of materials, creates an unearthly, almost spiritual experience upon viewing - just take a look at this angelic creation.

"Roots Beneath the Layers"

Copyright 2009, Lisa Jurist

I feel incredibly priveleged to know her and count her as a friend.  I can't wait to see what 2010 brings from Lisa J.

Finally, there is the visionary: Lisa Sarsfield of Lucky Dip. This woman is a ground-breaker!  Her ideas are so original and expressive and experimental, that my jaw just keeps hitting the ground everytime I catch up with her.  I feel priveleged to know this exciting mixed media artist and photographer and even more priveleged that she invited me to join her in her altered book round robin, Pulp Redux (see earlier link in Lisa J's spotlight or click on the link in the right hand panel of my blog).  Never before have I seen an artist move so fast in the development of an idea:

ICE collage
Copyright 2009 Lisa Sarsfield

Her progress in collage, as charted by her ICE (International Collage Exchange) contributions are thoroughly exciting.  Just when you think you've got a handle on her, she pockets another experiment and switches out of the square.  Parameters? What parameters???  In my humble opinion, Lisa is the blogger artist to watch for 2010.

ICE collage

Copyright 2009 Lisa Sarsfield

Her conception of Pulp Redux was also one of the most exciting things that happened to me this year.  Envisioning a round robin of this calibre and managing it with such aplomb is something I'd like to take my hat off to.  This woman deserves an applause.  Her Pulp Redux contributions are also nothing but awe-inspiring:

Pulp Redux - Labyrinth

Copyright 2009 Lisa Sarsfield

Who'd have thought to weave onto a page?  Well, Lisa of course!

Pulp Redux - Labyrinth

Copyright 2009 Lisa Sarsfield

Who'd have thought to sew a cascade of threads down the page of a book?  Well, Lisa of course!

So that completes my spotlight series of 7 very talented blogger artists.  I hope you found each artist inspiring and/or discovered something new.  Just as a recap on each artist again, I'll leave you with a collection of ideas and associations with regards each artist I've spotlighted:

1) ALICIA: foetus(es), brains, the macabre, crackle, think-tank, code, math, larger than life

2) PATTI: diction, tone, pain, beauty, softness, empathy, intelligence

3) LISA SARSFIELD: nests, linoleum, palette, location, experimentation, sharing

4) JAFA: penises, square-pegs, wooley men, flowers, embroidery, provocative, hard-core

5) LYLE: france, wood, cold, family, zest, original, hands, heart

6) FADWA: Spain, heat, rain, dance, passion, pen, burkas

7) LISA: wire, cloth, primitive, detail, hard, soft, feminine, silence...

and here, once again, are their links:

1) Alicia from Altered Bits
2) Patti from Altered Attic (beware - I have a lot to say about Patti!)
3) Lisa Sarsfield from Lucky Dip
4) Jafa from JafaBrit'sArt
5) Lyle from Just-a-Note
7) Lisa from Mud Hound Primitives

Next week: New Year's Resolutions???


ArtPropelled said...

Hi Debbie, I'm nodding wisely to all the good things you've mentioned about Lyle and the two Lisas .... and I know all about muggy moggy armpits too especially today! The cicadas are singing for all they're worth as S Africa sizzles and a hot berg wind blows every door and window shut with gusto. Also enjoyed your stroll with Jason through the lushness on Christmas Eve. All the best for 2010, Debbie.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was thinking about you and your lovely photos when I was freezing my *** off this week. What a difference in hemispheres.

Your choice of the final three artists is wonderful. You had me hitting the links to see these gifted artists blogs. What eye candy you provided both this week and in previous weeks.

Happy and safe new year to you and your family. I can't wait to see your resolutions!

lyle baxter said...

dear debbie, we could use some of your hot days! after the snow we had buckets of rain now peoples basements are overflowing!mess! but you are not a mess. you are a very kind lady who makes nice comments about her friends and her mail. I'm glad you enjoy mine and will continue to bombard you with my ideas. thanks so much for a great write up! and thanks for letting us see your other friends great work too. lyle

MrCachet said...

I like the new look, title and sidebars to match! My current view of the woods is primarily white, so there's no sense trying to imitate yours.

Lisa said...

Hi Deb, a delicious post filled with so many compliments and kind words about Lyle, Lisa and myself. Many thanks for the artsy highlights! Lyle must live on the East coast near me as we are experiencing the same weather. At this point I'd trade it in for some muggy armpits. Your blog design is lovely and so green and your little one is too adorable.

La Dolce Vita said...

I am dreaming of a hot christmas, or any other day for that matter!!! LOL!!
oh what a gorgeous post, love the new blog look and the work as always is splendid! just a wonderful treat to read a new post by you Deb! xo

Elizabeth said...

Hey Deb!! LOVE this post!! IT is so wonderful to be introduced to some new wonderful artists!! lisa J and I ahve been friends for a bit and we live only about 100 miles apart. One of these days we are going to make plans to hook up for an arty lunch. Her work is fascinating and lucious. First order of business will be to get the kiddos back to school so we can carve out some meet up time!!! I love th forest shots of you and Jason. there is something so very specail about pictures taken of loved ones form behind. They give such wonderful clues aobut the persons true personality because theya re totally unaware that they are having their picture taken!! Love to do wthis with my own kids!!
Happy New Year dear friend and I know that it will be a wonderfully creative 2010 for you!!

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

OMG. I do actually feel like I just recieved an oscar! I am all blushy /teary eyed/humble and WOWed right now! What a fantastic way to start my day! I really didn't want to drag myself out of bed this morning either but I am so glad to start my day with your wonderful, kind, amazing and inspiring post! I don't quite see myself in the same light but thankyou so much for your kind words, they mean the world to me and I am sure that karma is just about to give you a great big smack on the ol' lips to bless you with wonderful things!

I am going to have to come back and re-read this whole post again so I can digest all the lovely things you have shared!

Debrina said...

Hi all - so glad you've enjoyed reading about the final 3. They are each quite simply amazing and inspiring and it's been such a treat writing about each one of them. I also hope you enjoyed the entire 7!

Kim said...

I'm nodding with ya babe over the armpit thingy! Phew it's steamy here in heaven as well! Love the forest pic with your wee tyke! The suitcase idea is a great one, perfect for that quick tidy up from inquisitive hands! Couldn't agree more with your spotlights! Love em all too! The new blog look is fabulous! Love that greeenery! Hope your New Year rocks!

John M. Mora said...

Came here by way of a Lucky Dip....wonderful post with beautiful work. The photo of your son is lovely.

Merry Christmas to you and to all, down there. Here it is near freezing, again.

My best.

John M. Mora said...
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Bill Evertson said...

Lovely new look to the blog and a big batch of inspiration!

neva gagliano said...

magical new blog design, amazing effect and such an invitation to look closely.
beautiful photo of your son in the forest, and love the story of the fairies...
your featured artists are amazing. i've been watching a lot of what lisa s has done this year, like all that stitching with the pearls. drooling!

Toni said...

Deb---what a nice shout out at Lyle and I'm loving the picture of your son in the forest. Frame it and hang it! All the wonder, excitement and curiosity we all ever had comes through in that picture! Have a great New Year.

Jasmine said...

You have been busy. I love the greeting card you have used as blog back drop. It is very beautiful.

The roots beneath the layers is wonderful.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

Loved the photo of the boy in the woods. We spent Christmas Day on the beach. I don't miss snow at all!
Enjoyed your new blog layout; almost did not recognize the place ;-)

Debrina said...

Nice to meet with some new visitors, have left messages on all your blogs. Jason was just in his element that day and I think that really shows in that photo.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year, Debrina. Just think. I have to wait nearly 20 hours to say that in my part of the world!

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Dame Debina, you have been summoned to my blog!

Happy NY :) May 2010 be awesome!

Anonymous said...

oh how i love you, sweets! what a wonderful post! you make the three Ls sound just as magnificent as they are -- you're an amazing writer.

thanks to your nudge, i have posted that silly little journal. as well as a heap of other stuff... on my blog. the journal is now for sale but if no one buys it, i think i'll just have to pop it into one of your next parcels. speaking of which, i'm shipping off your box on monday -- journal, card, ornaments, secret things, chocolate, fiber art, supplies... that's about it. ;)

lovin' you and hoping your new years day is magnificent!