Sunday, 20 December 2009

Merry Madness

"Caliope insisted that her portrait be painted by Albertus"
Hand painted portrait and mixed-up-media background by Debrina aka Albertus? aka D.Price-Ewen
Copyright 2009

"Nest Egg"
Copyright 2009 D.Price-Ewen

Crikeys! It's that time of the year again and as such I've been swept up into the maelstrom of festive madness.  Now that almost all of the perfunctory functions are out the way and I've got this week off all to myself (Yes, all to myself - it's a miracle! Thank you daycare for still being open right up until xmas eve!) I have some big art plans ahead.  The first is my debut into Redbubble.  I know, it's been around for an age but for some reason, I just never got round to listing there.  So if you want a 2010 calendar with my artwork or some greeting cards to send to friends, then please DO go and check me out and try not to be tempted by any of the other gorgeous artwork that's on there! Lol!

Copyright 2009 D.Price-Ewen

Second is my continuing work on Pulp Redux.  Lisa S has posted yet another gorgeous progress report on our blog and also a more detailed one on her own blog, Lucky Dip.

Copyright 2009 D.Price-Ewen

Third is my ICE (International Collage Exchange) project - which I still call ICE but isn't actually for ICE.  I'm working on an exhibition (have been for some time now).

Fourth is my last three spotlight bloggers - Lisa Sarsfield, Lisa Jurist and Lyle.  Hmmm...the 3 "Ls".  That will be next weeks blog then!

Fifth and finally is my art journal that I am collaborating on and sharing with Alicia from Altered Bits.  We've decided to find out more about each other by writing and arting about ourselves in our own journals then exchanging those journals so that we can do a response sort of thing in those same journals.  As an aside, I'm also doing one for my Aunty Em (who isn't my aunty and who's actually quite arty)

"Fairy Music"
Copyright 2009 D.Price-Ewen

I have been up to a fair bit of arting in the stolen moments I get as a busy career woman and mum.  ACEOs on Etsy and a fun, slightly gothic piece that I did at my friend Pania's the other day (see first picture).

Enjoy and have a very MERRY XMAS everyone!


NuminosityBeads said...

Congratulations on getting so much done this busy time of year! Wonderful work as usual. A Merry Christmas to you!

Lisa said...

you are just bursting with creativity! what astonishing pieces you've made...each more lovely than the others! Finally put together some goodies for your book and am heading to my studio now(after many hours of snow shoveling) to do some more.

Crikey always reminds me of Steve Irwin..he was such a favorite. I learned how to pick up snakes from watching him!

Poetic Artist said...

Wow you have been busy..Wonderful post. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Patti said...

Oh how lovely - all of your pieces are fabuloso! I haven't been to Red Bubble but I'll have to stop by. So, you have a week to yourself? While some of us have moody adolescents drifting about?? well, I may yet get in some creative time:)

ArtPropelled said...

Merry Madness ... Its contagious! Well done for achieving so much, Debrina. Merry christmas to you and yours.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Talk about multi-tasking. The art you shared with us this week is simply breathtaking. Now I'm off to read Pulp Redux. Thanks for supplying the links.

Kim said...

OMG you have been sooo busy! Love the defiance and fairy music pieces! Speaking as a representative of the day care industry, OMG PEOPLE!!! I am so busy I will just collapse ina heap for xmas day and be a pile of sludge in the corner, LOL! I'm working up to and including xmas eve too and am feelin shattered already! On the positive side I am feeling quite artistically inspired, lord knows why! Have a madly happy xmas Debs, cheers and hugs for the silly season!

Anonymous said...

Hey Debs - how wonderful you career woman and busy mum .. and lovely artist and lovlier spirit! Great art, best of luck on your projects and for the new year!

Viola said...

Dear Debs, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year! Your artwork is always gorgeous and you know I love it so much! Have a great time, sweetie! Big hugs, Viola! :-)

jill z said...

Beautiful collaborative projects- love the journal idea with Alicia and your new art works with those beautiful - wait, is that me in those pictures? :) Your Nest Egg, Defiance, Trust artworks - and those titles- are all pieces to love!l Happy holidays for unending joy and love throughout the new year!

Debrina said...

Career woman does sound a bit fluffy, actually; but thanks anyway, Fadwa! Lol. Actually, I have been busy, haven't I?? Ha ha. Here I was thinking, crap, I haven't done much at all! Well, all of you, a big thanks for your support this year and wishing each of you just a fantastic xmas and an even more fantastic 2010!

Gaby Bee said...

You have been busy my dear. All of your pieces are amazing as usual!
Wanted to send along some wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well!
Big Hugs, Gaby

Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

new address:

Em Townsend
1070 S Van Gordon Court
Lakewood, Colorado 80228 USA

Thanks! happy yule, solstice, xmas and Welcome Twenty Ten!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Merry christmas to you and all the best for the new year. Now I am off to explore your shop. Your work is just beuatiful.

Jo Archer said...

Hello lovely Debrina. Blogger is playing up at the moment and I'm not receiving email notification when people post a comment. Grrrr! Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I wish you a very merry christmas. xxx

Mar said...

you've been quite busy!

is it snowing there
it is here

merry christmas

Mystey Artist said...

Merry Christmas all! Thanks for providing this wonderful and inspirational Blog! Wishing you loads of JOY!!

Morgaine said...

Been catching up with your blog Debrina, You have been doing some beautiful work as always.
This is a great post.

Anonymous said...