Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year and What are Your Resolutions?

"Take Your Pick"- Pulp Redux
Assemblage in progress by D.Price-Ewen (that's me in case you ever wondered! Lol.)
Copyright 2009

I'm up real early (it's 4.26am).  It's been quite a warm, muggy night and my resolutions, which have been quietly simmering away in the cookpot that is my brain, have finally cooked (I just tested them now with my imaginary thought fork). 

But first! HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Ours in NZ was nearly two days ago now - arrgghh, gone so quick!)

Anyway, it's kinda good I'm up so early because it's real quiet and really calm.  Perfect conditions with which to set my table for a resolution feast...

So, take a seat at my table and feed on my resolution servings...or not, as the case may be! Lol.

Serving 1:
My Sketchbook

How strange that the things which bring so much meaning into our lives become the things that are often so neglected in the busyness of life. My sketchbook is one of those.  I have one that I used to use all the time.  I have hardly used it these last few months.  So my resolution is to get back into the habit.  Synchronicity has played its part in setting up this resolution.  I visited 3 blogs this morning, each writing about the importance of the sketchbook:  Jafabrit's Mining Your Sketchbook for Inspiration; Love Stitching Red's Out With the Old and Bill Evertson's  A Million Little Choices.  Enough of a hint from the Universe for me to get back into the habit.  I like what Jafabrit says about the sketchbook's importance, in particular:

"My teacher/mentor always said never throw out old drawings, sketches, ideas but put them all in the sketchbook no matter how silly they may seem,even if you don't like them or can't figure out how to use them. She warned me that even if I didn't like something or couldn't figure out how to technically implement an idea at the time, I might like it in the future or develop skills that would allow it's implementation." 

Serving 2:

"The Moss Pile" by D.Price-Ewen of Debrina's Diary
Copyright 2009

I love taking photographs.  Fnally, like just the other day, I bought myself a very good camera. The photo above was taken last week (on my old camera) when Jason and I visited the magic forest.  It's unaltered and I love it.  I say the photo is unaltered because I also love the idea of altering my photographs - especially just recently now that I have photoshop! However, the unaltered image is also a bit of a rare thing these days, so I endeavour to develop my photography skills so that the raw image remains interesting, well composed and, hopefully, beautiful - without having to doctor it to make it so. Having said all that, though, I would also like to keep learning, and experimenting with, photoshop.  It's still an artform in itself - a means to an end, I should say, and its artistic potential is just huge.  So look out for my altered photography this year, too.

Also, because I've always wanted to get a bit more serious with my photography, I'd like to start selling my photos on Etsy. However, because my old digital camera only took images at 3.2 megapixels - not big enough to get quality prints out of - I haven't bothered. Well, now I can!

Serving 3
Consistency and Regularity

"Blue Gloves"
Acrylic on Canvas by D.Price-Ewen of Debrina's Diary, 2005

Ha ha.  I'm not talking about the digestive track here, though with a resolution heading like that, I'm probably asking for it! Lol.  What I mean here is doggedly plugging away at something, no matter how fast or slow I go, until the thing is done.  Back in 2005 I was painting a canvas every fortnight or so.  Sometimes weekly.  I know I am time poor these days, as I am a new parent and my focus is on this little one:

Jason's plea for me to pick him up (he's saying "up, up" in this shot)

But as the painting I did in 2005, above, reminds me, consistency coupled with determination and regularity of application, brings results.  Or, as I used to remind myself when I was at university, C+B= A.  Conceive + Believe = Achieve.  I aim to apply these little mantras of mine to all of my resolutions this year.

Serving 4
House and Garden

My living room BC

My living room, before child (BC), was my biggest source of inspiration.  It still sort of looks like this, just minus all the ornaments.  My resolution this year is not to be too dismayed at the emptiness and messiness (it is possible with a 20 month old, to have both, lol!) of my living room now days. Inspiration must come from elsewhere now, but that's no bad thing. 

My garden is where I intend to apply my mantra:

The NZ xmas tree - pohutukawa buds in my garden

My garden is slowly coming back into shape.  It's been quite neglected this last year and I aim to slowly get it back.  As Robert Post's child (Flora Post from Cold Comfort Farm) doth say: "Nature's all very well in her place, but she musn't be allowed to make things untidy".

Serving 5
On ya Bike!

Keryn - my younger sister.

Keryn and I are mad keen cyclists.  In fact, Keryn has partnered up with a bike shop owner, whose specialty is Belgium bikes! Go figure!  Anyway, I used to do such marvellous things as the 42nd traverse on my mountain bike.  The 42 stands for the track/forest line and most probably the number of kilometers(!); the  traverse means mountainous, rutted terrain, lol!  Now I know that might make some of you shudder, but it's heaven to me.  Just recently I have got back into my bike rides (late pregnancy and birth kinda got in the way for a while there).  My resolution is to keep it up this year and to finally get back to the 42nd.

Serving 6
The Dottie Angel Challenge - buy only 2nd hand items this year

I'm joining with my blogger friend Jo Archer from Crow Road on this one.  The challenge is to buy or barter only 2nd hand goods this year.  This is a tough one, particularly where art supplies are concerned - as in the utilitarian ones like glue, tape, ink and paint - but I'm gonna give it a go.  I wonder how we're going to do when it comes to replacing undies and our sanitary needs?  Can you buy used soap?  What about tampons (ok, let's not go there girlfriends!)???  Hmmm - I'm going to redefine the challenge a bit - 2nd hand, hand-made or ok for the planet ( if its new) .

Serving 7
Sew What?

A hand-sewn page from my friendshop book to Alicia

Well, a lot actually  I intend to do more sewing this year - especially where my arting and crafting is concerned.   I intend to get my sewing machine fixed next pay (come hell or high water) and I also want to develop my hand-sewing - especially applique and seaming stitches.  

Serving 8
Mail Art and ICE
Friendship postcard by D.Price-Ewen of Debrinas Diary

It's been a great year for mail art, and I endeavour to keep the momentum up this year.  ICE (the International Art Exchange - see my side panel of websites), which I talk a lot about but still haven't started yet, is going to be the priority.  ICE involves making 11 collages for exchange, as well as one for the museum of collage in Mexico and another for sale on Dale Copeland's online gallery.  It's a lot of work but it's a good way to reinforce one's self discipline and a great way to extend one's thinking and collage techniques.  My theme this year is "Green" - with all its connotations about the environment which has become of real interest to me recently.

Well , there we have it!  8 servings of inspiration...and a bit of hard graft.  It'll be an interesting exercise when I come to review these at the end of the year.  I've never gone public before on my resolutions, but it's a good way to ensure follow through!

I'd love to know what your resolutions are, so if you've gone public with them, don't forget to link us up in the comments section!  Happy New Year everybody - now that the rest of the world has finally caught up with New Zealand, lol. Gosh you guys are slow!


In the Light of the Moon said...

Oh Debrina,what a wonderful post and so inspiring!!This year my motto is to leave fear behind me!I too am also planning on spending more time on the bike..Have a wonderful day and excellent days ahead!!Warmest Regards,Cat

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Happy NY Debrina!
I like your list of resolutions, especially the dotti challenge. I didn't make a resolution list (although I am going to look at the dotti one) but I did make a wish list of things that I want to get/do. Last year there were 5 on my list and 4 were achieved, things like a trip to Taranaki to see the family and the purchase of a tent..this year it's more along the lines of more camping trips to use the tent and the purchase of a new kitchen table. I am easy to please!
I do have a whole stack of art goals,techniques to try etc so I may go and post them in my sidebar!

Gee you start your day early!!

Kim Palmer said...

Happy New Year to you Miss Debs! Wonderful list of resolutions you have! Of course I would say that, they're a lot like mine, which I have yet to blog about, LOL! I'm with ya on the dotti one, read about it elsewhere too! Don't think I could manage that without a few wee changes for a household of 4 so mine's gonna get adapted too! Think I'll have to join in on the ICE so is green the theme for the 2011 March deadline or 2010? I'm so confused! LOL!

jafabrit said...

what a great list (thanks for the shout out). I am glad my blog entry was inspiring :)

I haven't written down any resolutions although I do have general goals. Not to get fatter lol! walk more, and do some craft bombing this year.

Poetic Artist said...

You have a wonderful list..It is full of inspiration. I hope you touch and experience all of them.
Have a wonderful New year..

Seth said...

It is so great to be able to so clearly state (and for all to see too) plans, goals, and resolutions. Wishing you a productive and creative 2010!!

Debrina said...

Hi all! Yep - up before the birds was I! Arrgghhh. You'll be pleased to know I had a big 2.5 hour afternoon sleep to make up for the early start tho. Heck, I'm on holiday - so I'll sleep when I want, ha ha!
Oh Kim. The Green theme is mine - it's open slather as far as theme goes for the collage exchange. Hey everybody else - lovely to have you pop on by. As I always do, I'm coming over to say hi!

Caterina Giglio said...

well, girlfriend, I already RE everything... so was way ahead of Dotti, but I love that she got everyone going on it! I really love it. If I cannot find it second hand I try to make it. was so interested that our lists coincide ... just need more consistency, like you...only I don't have a tiny peanut to contend with!! just furbabies!
the biggest thing on my list was online teaching and finding a video cam that I really like!
big happy new year to you!
oh and yes... all the photos on my site are mine! c4n! xoxo

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Not only do you have some totally awesome and lofty goals set for this year, you photographed them and showed what was possible and could be achieved. This post puts my resolutions to shame. Totally awesome!!

Gaby Bee said...

Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones.
What a wonderful list of resolutions, Debrina! I'm looking forward to a creative new year and hope you have one as well!

Jasmine said...

Wow, I love all of your new resolutions. The buy only second hand sounds brilliant. (We asked everyone to buy my daughter second hand lego and second hand sylvanian families toys for Christmas this year. They did, and it makes me feel much better about the amount of plastic in my daughters bedroom) I will attempt to buy 2nd hand on practical items such as children's toys, books etc but I don't think I can do it for everything.

I was vegan for ten years, but things slipped a long time ago and now I eat way too much dairy to be healthy and have slipped on a lot of excess weight too. I've been thinking about becoming predominantly vegan in 2010. People laugh when I say this and make comments like vegan when I feel like it etc. But I think they miss the point. The commitment will to be healthier and incorporate a predominantly vegan diet, which will in turn help me have a more ethical/conscientious spending regime too. Its not about abstinence, its about a commitment to trying harder to be healthy and considerate of ethical spending. I hope that makes sense to you?

The ICE project sounds wicked. Love Stitching Red is doing a lovely 'bundle' project too.

I'm seeing so much energy and inspiration for new projects this year, its infectious!

Heres wishing success for your plans x

Anonymous said...

i love that page in my book from you, and i love your little bug's eyes -- they are gorgeous just like his mum's! i also love your resolutions -- we share much on that front. in fact, i shall post mine here shortly... or longly -- just depends upon how long it takes me.


AscenderRisesAbove said...

wow; i had a whole cup of tea on that one.
hmmm yearly motto; 'connection' perhaps though I don't make resolutions. I try my best ever day.
Enjoyed your photo and looking forward to seeing so many more of those.

Crafty Green Poet said...

This is a fascinating and ambitious list of resolutions! Good luck! On the second hand front, you can buy re-usable sanitary protection - either reusable cloths or the more famous mooncup. I aim to buy all my clothes second hand other than underwear and shoes, all my music and books are scond hand. I also just buy very little, though i have a weakness for second hand books....

Patti Edmon Artist said...

OH MY! your servings are a feast! I love your living room (bc - ha, I used that for a long time and know what you mean!) and yay for the camera - I agree totally that taking really good photos is satisfying whether or not you go on to play in photoshop (which is too much fun). the second hand/barter - let me know if you need anything (except feminine products - ha) and I'll see if I have some to swap!

Debrina said...

Hello lovely people! It's great to see that some of you are already doing the 2nd hand buying/bartering thing! Yeah Patti for your offer. It would be nice to establish a bartering circle (lightbulb just flicked on)among those of us who are keen to. I'll make a badge for the side of my blog that offers a bartering option. I'll also list things I have that I can barter with.

bubblemunch said...

This post is so full and plentiful. There are some lovely images of your work - a real treat.

I saw some footage of the New Year firework celebrations in Auckland.

Have a wonderful and artsy 2010.

Quilt Architect said...

My word for the day is "IMPROVEMENTS"
See my Vision calendar here.

I really enjoyed looking at your blog and the complexity of the artwork that you do.