Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A Pulpy Start to My New, New Year's Resolutions (Part One)

My contribution to Kim's Book - Pulp Redux
It's hot here.  A little overcast today (thank god) but still hot.  Our neighbours, Australia, have stolen quite a bit of our water and we would like to take some back now, especially as the floods in Queensland ravage their land and now, the city of Brisbane.  My friend Kim is over in Queensland and I worry for her.  Kim's Pulp Redux book is at my house at the moment and I have nearly finished my contribution (see pics above and below).  I wont be able to send it to her, however, if there is no house to send it to and no postal system to get it to her!  So Kim, my prayers go out to you and the rest of Queensland as you suffer one of the worst floods in Australian history.

Full page spread - Pulp Redux (reversible - the page folds again to reveal the other half of the Scottish Flag, the St George Cross)
I hope these pictures I'm posting cheer you up, Kim.  My theme for your book, Fragments, Vestiges and Remains, are the vestiges of memory left by the children of colonial New Zealand.  In particular, those of the Scottish Immigrants who sailed to New Zealand over 150 years ago.  As it is summer here (and back then, in Scotland, summer was and probably still is a bit of a joke) can't you just imagine the surprise and delight on these children's faces when they reached our shores and discovered miles and miles of beach!  Beach access anywhere in New Zealand is within reach within a matter of hours if not minutes!!  You just don't have to travel far to get to any of our beaches here - even in buggy and cart!  In fact, for a lot of emigrants landing in New Zealand back then, especially in my locale - you HAD to walk the beach highway when you first landed on our shores - usually from Paekakariki right up through to New Plymouth or down to Wellington (Just below Lower Hutt):

If you've seen Jane Campion's The Piano - you'll know what I mean about the trials and tribulations of travelling along the beach or the coast and then up inland on foot or by cart! This was an exciting journey but treachorous and exhausting. For me, it means lots of local research and the digging up of some fabulous stories!!
A clip from The Piano - a beach landing.
As this was a new start to life for these emigrants, their story - as seen through the eyes of their children - are remembered and represented in my contribution and act as the perfect symbol for a fresh start in life:

What precious little thing is in that envelope?

Ahhhh...an unborn baby: the promise of hope and a new start in life.  Children were often born on board ship on the way over to our shores or shortly after landing.
I still have a little way to gol...but my next couple of pages will look at all sorts of wonderfully childish things!  It's fun to be a child and even more fun, I reckon, to reinact your childhood through your own children and others...even if those children were born so many centuries ago. :-)

Well, that's it on the Pulp Redux front.  I hope you enjoyed what you read here.  It's going to be a fascinating journey and a beautiful one to boot, hopefully.  I'm using my new walnut stains, acetate and specially bought fibres, fabrics and paper for my contribution.  E.g. the baby, above, is printed in sepia on acetate and then mounted on a playing card with the most delightful, beautiful filigree pattern on the back (more on that later).  You can even remove the baby from her pouch/envelope too, btw!

And now for something totally random.

Key Words

1. Balance
2. Pulp Redux finale
3. Findhorn
4. House and Garden
5. Friends and Family
6. Journaling
7. Exhibitions
8. Publication
9. Workshops
10. Travel

Told you it was random!  I'm still fleshing out my resolutions! I better hurry though; February is nearly upon us (ALREADY?)
Oooo - and I'd like to show you one more thing before I go (speaking of children and reinacting one's childhood)!  My repurposed tractor tyre! I've been busy these holidays doing all sorts of things to the house and garden but this, I'm most proud of.  What a happy child.  Can you see GI Joe, just above the strawberries?  He's deciding whether to take the VW or the Bulldozer.  I know which one I'd take, flower power girl that I am!


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Brilliant! Kim will be happy I am sure. A little ironic you are working with a water/boat theme though! lol. I love the idea of imigrants and I did not know about the beach highway. Paekakariki is a beautiful area but it would have been a hard walk! Looking forward to part 2! I have your book here btw and I am dying to work in it but I have to ICE first!
Hugs to you:)

Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

Findhorn!!!! I am so happy to see this on your list. I, too, vow to get there one day. I almost made it last summer when I got to Edinburgh, but it was not to be. Perhaps in 2011.

Healing Woman said...

Wonderful! I love the story and journal. You are a wizard at creating fabulous journals.

I passed by Findhorn on the highway when I was in Scotland last summer. Oh, how I wished that I had the time to stop and see it. It is a miracle that it works so well since it was extremely cold when I was there in July!!!

Deborah said...

Enchanting! Lovely, lovely journal!

Jo Archer said...

What a big boy Jason's getting! Not a baby anymore.

Love the story about the arrival of the immigrants and told in such an original way. Alicia would love that baby in the envelope! Beautiful as always. x

La Dolce Vita said...

I will take the VW too!!
great pages and Kim will love it, love the immigrants theme and the piano was a wonderful film...
yes, we are all prying for her and the other friends we have in QLD... xox

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

This is a lovely post with incredible energies ...I have not been able to contact my friends in Brisbane and watch the world news as if I will find them on the screen. It is so hard feeling so useless in this time of horrible flooding. I will have to research Findhorn...a new chapter possibly. Jason is growing so fast! Is there room on the VW for me to travel along also??? Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Samantha Marshall said...

Hi Debrina,
Your latest journal creations are just AMAZING!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, so much here, lady!

first, thank you so much for your sweet comment. i'm glad i'm not your dead from from the states. ;)

loving what you're doing for kim's book! LOVE the piano! i want to watch it right now! i own it, of course. ;) must go watch it!

anyway, loving the work you're doing and the colors and texture -- so pretty. i'm working on lisa's starting back up this weekend.

findhorn... and all other of your key words make me smile. and nournalling... have a new one for you soon.

Anonymous said...

and omg, the pic of jase! i am sooooo in love with that photo!! pop a copy into your next parcel to me? love that little man!

kisses to you both.

ArtPropelled said...

Your work on Kim's Pulp Redux book is rich and wonderful. This will be such a joy for Kim after all the drama in her neck of the woods.

Kim Palmer said...

Okay just lettin you know we are high and dry now, probably the only bit of Queensland that is! No problem with postage, just float that boat right up to the doorstep Deb, LOL! Love the theme here, just wonderful! Loved 'The Piano" what a film that was! What an amzing adventure it must have been to emigrate, especially in those days when the world was so much bigger than it is now! It must have taken a very adventurous soul to make that jump in those times! This is so special Deb, and as I said over on the Pulp blog you have stumbled onto my own origins with the Scottish flag as my family were in part Scottish migrants. I cannot wait to hold this book and delve more closely into everyone's input Thank you for a wonderful contribution. I love it! Mwah!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I suspect that Kim is quite happy that you have her book safe at your place. I am worried about my friends in Australia, too. Although I know little about your geography OR your history, I was blown away by your pages you are creating. That baby in the envelope blew me away. And of course, I couldn't help noticing the rocking horse (grin).

Glad your son is having fun in the sun and heat. I'm wishing I were where you are right about now! Talk about random!! This comment seems to be in that same vein.

Debrina said...

Wel hello everyone - I've been away on a little holiday within my holiday. Wellington, actually, to see the Masters exhibition. Bit of a dissapointement...as my friend said, who came with me, "Looks like we got the arse end of the great masters!" lol. Anyway, finally saw one of my fav artist's paintings (Odilon Redon) in the flesh so to speak, though it wasn't his best or most famous one.
Lovely to see such a range of comments here. Kim, I'm so glad you are high and dry! Phew. I was REALLY getting worried! Elizabeth - I'd love to have you over here! Hurry up, get on that plane!!!

Lisa said...

a true brilliant work of art..i always love the way you amalgamate the visuals and the story in such a clever way...Kim will be delighted I'm sure.

The photo of Jason is adorable...he is such a little tyke and so cute..savor the moments cause they grow up so fast!

thanks for jump starting the pulp wagon in the new year...I've got to jump aboard now too!!!

layers said...

What a great way to list your resolutions- goals for the new year- I am sorry about all that terrible flooding in Australia- your creative pages are healing.

suziqu's thread works said...

Deb your journal is just so fascinating - love all the history behind it and the amount of work you have dedicated to it. Fantastic!!!
Yes I am afraid that many people here in Australia are still in shock with the suddeness of the floods and the devestation that they have left to so many. I've never seen anything like it with houses being swept off their foundations, even some with people in them being swept down in rivers of rapid flooding water with no chance of survival!!! Makes us feel so blessed where we live. We have had scarce rain!
The floods have been very widespread over the north and then south of Aust.
Glad to ohear Kim is safe and sound. She will be thrilled to receive your beautiful work.
xox Suzy

Christine Edwards said...

Debrina, those layouts are fantastic. I loved your bit of history in regards to the Scottish Immigrants. My maternal grandfather was a Scot, but he immigrated to Canada. ;-) I hoping to do a "Grandparents" book a la Judy Wilkenfeld. I took a workshop with her this past summer, and unfortunately have not made any more progress on the book I started there. No worries about those resolutions...you still have the whole year. ;-)

Patti said...

Love, love, love your work and I hope by now you've heard more about your friend Kim!
Take good care,

Cathy said...

What a wonderful concoction you have created Debrina. I love the little envelope. Your friend cannot be anything but thrilled. I hope she is safe. Over here in the UK we have been horrified at the dreadful unfolding of events in Australia. I hope they have seen the worst of it now. Like the New Year keywords too. That list will keep you busy for quite a while. Have a great week. Cathy

Anonymous said...

Hello Debbie,
love your work shop blog,your garden looks beautiful and i love the one of jason in the sand pit.lol mum.

bockel24 said...

What a wonderful project! I´ll bookmark your blog because it´s really beautiful and interesting.