Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Where to Start?

"Nightingale Lady" (ACEO by D.Price-Ewen 2011)
ETSY price: US $6.50

"2 - joined at the hip" (ACEO by D.Price-Ewen 2011)
ETSY price: US $6.50

Indeedy, where to start?  Well, I guess I should first point out that my blogger address has changed.  Now it's the more salubrious "Debrina Altered" (http://debrinaaltered.blogspot.com/) - more in keeping with my Debrina brand - if you want to call it that!  So, if you have me on your side-panel and you want to keep me there, you will need to update your link to me with this new addy.

Well, as you can see, I just recently made two little ACEOs (above).  These are now for sale in my Etsy store - which I haven't graced with new artwork for sometime (tut tut!).  Well, it's the new year, so I'm making an effort to make a bit more of my stuff available online, instead of always at the artfairs.
Lunch at Caros - tomato and carrot soup, surimi, spiced chicken, fresh corn, lettuce parcel wraps with pomegranate seeds! Spoilt doesn't even begin to describe it...
If you're wondering what that has to do with the photo above (will you look at all that scrumdiddlyumptious food!!), these two cards were made at my amazing artist friend Caro's house yesterday!  Caro is a fairly new but already very important friend, who attended my first workshop late last year.  She is an absolutely incredible artist, so I was very honoured when she bought one of my own artworks at my workshop.  Caro's studio is to die for (I mean that!  I would happily die in it too...ha ha) so I had to take a few choice shots:

Caro's orderly drawers of art-supplies - enlarge this one, it's worth a look at those labels...and if you still can't see them, take a look at the photo below (Nb. Paua is Maori for abalone)
See what I mean?  I could spend a whole day going through those drawers, oooing and ahhing.
My space in Caro's studio - with my two ACEOS underway....Caro's artwork is on the wall.
What a happy mess! Pania and Jill's workstation.  Messy buggers...
A sample of Caro's work...beautifull!!
The day flew by, as they do when you're having so much fun.  I love being in the "art-zone"!  It's so peaceful and yet so much fun at the same time!  Especially when you're also fuelled up with such wonderful food, friends and art!  And that leads me back to my New Year's resolutions, which I listed last posting:

1. Balance
2. Pulp Redux finale
3. Findhorn
4. House and Garden
5. Friends and Family
6. Journaling
7. Exhibitions
8. Publication
9. Workshops
10. Travel

I've decided not to elaborate on this list, which I'm going to post on my side panel to keep me focussed.  Instead, the fruit of these resolutions will live here on my blog.  And so, because I wrote friends and family...here is a window into one of my amazing friends' lives, which I'm so happy to celebrate here with you.

One of my other resolution headings was workshops, and boy did Pania and I run a fun one a couple of weeks ago.  It was another Introduction to altered art class and look at these fabulous before and after shots:
BEFORE: Cherie's finds - above and below
AFTER "Time for Tea!"  Zip and photo clip lid, flower with time dials and a decoupaged teapot!
Viv's back for a 2nd round - here are her luscious finds!!
The beginning of a luscious lady peg doll - can't wait to see this when it's finished!!
Linda's stash...she didn't use any of this, but instead pulled out and chose from more treasures she'd been hiding under the table!  Surprise!!
Watching resin dry is worse than watching paint dry...especially when the resin starts to do strange things (which took us a couple of days after the workshop to remedy!).  Note to self, DO NOT apply anything with your hands before resin goes on.  Your oily hands will do odd things to the resin when it begins to dry.  You've been duly warned.
Yvonne's eclectic trash
The beginning of Yvonne's take on Botticelli's The Birth of Venus, below!  Venus, eat your heart out!

Now that was the coolest day!  Pania made the most divine chicken salad, which - in my excitement and eagerness to eat - I'd forgotten to take a photo of!  None of our students got anything completed - but that's ok, it was the secrets we shared and the camaraderie and even the time that we gifted them that were the treasures of the day.  Each creation was a pearl that they could go home and polish - and in that sense, everyone went home with their own Botticelli's!


Anonymous said...

the very, very first label i saw was "bones and skulls". i wish i could do a swap with your sweet new friend as i bet our bone and skull collections are quite different. :)

loving both of your wonderful new creations. lovely indeed!!

and what a fun workshop it looks like you had. i am still trying to decide if i can grow the guts to teach at the place that wants me to do a weekly class. we shall see! in the meantime, send some of your teaching guts my way. :)

was fantastic catching up last night!


Debrina said...

Your welcome my sweet friend! I always love catching up with you. I will mos definitely send you some guts - would you like them pickled?

patricias fabric art said...

If you were tring to look at my blog it should have been patriciasfabricart!!

patricias fabric art said...

So sorry Debrina I sent the message to the wrong person!!!no wonder you were confused.I am following your blog but by mistake I picked the wrong one

Debrina said...

That's ok, hun!

Deborah said...

I was wondering why your update wasn't showing up on my side panel!

Lovey said...

Thanks Debrina for entering my Giveaway! Loved seeing your Happy Mess...smiles...shows true heart!

Kim Palmer said...

How funny! I looked at that shell shaped piece and immediately thought about Botticelli's girl and low and behold so did the owner! LOL!
Love the new creations Debs. Hope they sell like hot cakes.
Good luck with the new year resolutions. I think after all the stuff of the last year I am just going to free fall with mine this year and hope for better things!
Hugs hon!

NuminosityBeads said...

So I figured out I had to unfollow you and follow you again to get this page because blogger erroneously said I was following this page. I think I was seeing some updates on fb so it took me awhile to get to the bottom of this. Now I'm on board!
xoxo Kim

Elizabeth said...

YOu are sailing into teaching beautifully !!! Wish we could see the completed creations> I find myself so inspired by the attendees thought processes, I feel that I should pay them !!! Good Job you!! I know that Youa re brilliant!!!