Sunday, 28 August 2011

Alice in a bag...and monsters in the dark!

Alice in a  Bag (copyright D.Price-Ewen 2011): when you've caught your Alice, you're best to keep her away from robot fanatics with red paint brushes.
Whoever said that child rearing got easier the older your kids got?  My 3.5 year old, wonderful child that he is, is finally into independent play...but what I wasn't counting on was his fascination with mum's studio.  Once he's finished playing cars and robots on the studio floor, it's hard work trying to keep him focussed on his own art project.  Take my Alice bag pictured here: it nearly got enthusiastically lavished with a nice blob of red paint - right across the black and white Alice illustrations!!  And because hubby is halfway through his post-graduate studies and must not be disturbed, on any accounts, while he is doing his gruelling assignments, it's up to SUPER mum to run the household and keep the little one entertained.

The robot fanatic

Well, I don't mind any of a point.  But I am beginning to feel something very strange coming over me.  Almost as if there is a transition taking place.  It has started with a peculiar rumbling (low at the moment) with many complaints about needing time out in the studio (unimpeded by the sounds of robots and cars).  With little space or time to think, I have a feeling the transition might move up a step or two: sort of to an advanced rumbling. I'm worried, I had a premonition last night.  Anxious to paint or draw, or even (miracle of miracles) a chance to get on the computer to blog (without being pestered by the man or the boy, because THEY want to use it instead) I began to express myself the only way I know how. 

With pen and paper and Jase out like a light on the couch (finally), my fingers itched and twitched till they got some coloured pens and paper and created...


Monster Mama (D.Price-Ewen 2011)

And oh what a blessed relief it was to get her out of my system!  There is something very therapeutic about drawing your feelings.  I don't have to direct my anger at my son or my husband.  Afterall, this is a situational problem...a time and place sort of thing.  It is my time not to have too much time to devote to my art.  Oh don't worry folks, I will make time eventually (I'm having a week's break in October all to myself :-), but until then, these feelings need to be expressed!

And this brings me to my reason for the once a month blog posting.  Sadly, I'm just not getting the time like I used to. Nor am I getting the time or the opportunity to peruse other people's blogs.  It's sucks, I tell ya...big time!  Nevermind.  Today I got the time and that's what counts (even if I am at work on my lunch break writing this :-).

Finally, before I go, I thought I would post one of my cuffs I'm making for the next alt.shift.craft art fair.  Enjoy!!

 Love Debs


Anonymous said...

oh yay, love your alice bad and the fantastic use of my collage sheet! lovely stuff, lady! and is that alicia-wallpaper i see in there with the pink and gold stars? fabulous!

i totally dig your monster mama too -- i feel like that often.

so glad to see you creating new goodness. it's such a wonderful thing.

kiss that little robot loving boy for me. he's getting soooooo big!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Alice in a bag is adorable. When I first saw the photo on my sidebar, I thought it was the wicked witch of the east. Of course I have OZ on the brain.

Your cuffs are adorable. I know these will do well.

Ah, the joys of motherhood. I do NOT envy you, my dear. My cat is demanding enough for me. It was good that you got your frustration out, though. Sometimes we just need that bit of art therapy.

ArtPropelled said...

I'm smiling at quirky Alice in a Bag.... and giggling at Monster Mama. We've all been there! I do hope you get a monsterous chunk of time in the studio because all mamas need it to stay sane.

Debrina said...

Thank you lovely mamas - even if it's just a cat, Elizabeth! Even cats can be a little demanding - like my one, who likes to sit plonk on the middle of whatever project I might be working on.

Lynette (NZ) said...

Can so relate...they look so lovely when they're asleep ;-) Gorgeous cuffs my sweet

Samantha Marshall said...

The cuffs are gorgeous and I just love the Monster Mama!!!!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Loving the work you squeezed in...and you are squeezing it in arent you? I remember thinking..."Oh gosh wouldnt it be nice to have more hours in the day so that I might squeeze in some play time".....But then I realized little feet would be up too...
When mine were little I didnt have an office..I worked out of the dining room and Oh gosh it was hard to get some art time..I think thats when I started having a daily glass of wine..heehhee..What ever takes the edge off girl..heehee..
Sending prayers and hugs your way Momma..and yes you are...One Great Momma!!Hugs,Cat

Gaby Bee said...

The imagination you have ~ your Alice in a bag is gorgeous and I love your cuffs.

Big hugs to the Monster Mama:)
Gaby xo

Debrina said...

Hello you lovely creatures! Ahhh yes, I wonder haw many mamas out there are driven to drink??! My boy is just so precious and I love spending as much time with him as I can BUT I also need a break. We all do. Loves to you all!

The Josie Baggley Company said...

Hiya Debs daaahling! ah thanks for stopping by my recently exhumed blog :)
lovely pics of your adorable little one. Cool work especially the cuff ...oooh you could make Monster Mamma cuffs

Debrina said...

Oh now there's a thought, Josie!!!

NuminosityBeads said...

Now I see that this is where I was supposed to comment , so much for paying attention!
xoxo Kim