Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Art Journal Pages

The circus has come to town!  Art journal pages, D.Price-Ewen

December already and Xmas is all around us here in Bangkok.  Towering trees lit up in full fairy light regalia and festoons of wonderment every corner you turn,  We're taking our five year old Jason into the city's CBD on Xmas Eve so that he can see the full light display along the sky-walk in Siam.  Rumour has it that most residents of Bangkok evacuate the city at this time of the year in order to celebrate New Year with their rural families. But I imagine the influx of tourists at this same time of year will more than mitigate the loss in numbers.
Alicia's contributions

While I await the holidays with heady anticipation, I have been biding my time by filling up my current art journal - a collaboration between my friend Alicia of Altered Bits and I.  We call these journals "nournals" - a slip on the keyboard one night during a skype session, I believe, brought about this renaming.  And so, the term nournal was coined and nournal it stubbornly remains.  In fact, the term even has a meaning now - as it is a sort of portmanteau of Night and Journal.  It also sounds like nocturnal.  It is an apt name, as it is at night that I mostly work on my contributions.

The first two pages of my late November/early December contributions
The very first two pages of the Nournal, by D.Price-Ewen

I don't want to give too much away at this stage, as I would like the rest of my contributions to be a surprise for Alicia when she finally receives my nournal to make her own contributions again,  We pretty much continue with this pattern of exchanges until the book is finally filled up and the originating owner gets to keep the finished journal.  We have already completed one of these nournals and based on the strength of our long distance friendship, I think this exchange will go on for many years to come.

Well folks, that's me for a few more weeks.  Xmas is nigh and I imagine we will be wrapped up in our own domestic lives around that time, so if I don't hear from you, I'll understand, lol!

All the best,


ArtPropelled said...

Seeing the light display in Siam .... Now that will be Something!
How lucky we are to be able to zoom into your nournal pages for a closer look.

Healing Woman said...

Great journal pages! Must be wonderful to be in such an exciting city for Christmas. Loved your earlier post of the paper dolls gone awry also.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Great pages Debs. Awesome you have this collab to look forward to be be part of. I like what your doing with the paper dolls too.

Debrina said...

Hey guys, sorry not to have come back here to catch up! Work rules once again! However, holiday time now, so I'm coming to visit your respective blogs in a jiffy!

Gaby Bee said...

I'm going to take a little break. Sending warm wishes to you and your loved ones for a wonderful Christmas and much health and happiness for 2013.


lyle baxter said...

how grand it must be to anticipate whats next from your swap partner! have a happy holiday and after its all over and we are back to whats considered normal please explain how you landed in your new home place! I knew you wanted to move but thats a big one!