Monday, 25 March 2013

A Retrospective

Andy and Jason on the Chao Phraya River in a taxi boat, Bangkok, Thailand
The beautiful Chao Phraya, Bangkok

Seven months have passed since we arrived in Thailand.  Wow, time sure does fly when you're having fun!  We wake up most mornings still pinching ourselves to make sure that this life of ours really isn't a dream, but reality!  Indeed it is an incredible reality and even more so since doing my blog retrospective tonight.  I know I've been darn tardy in keeping this blog up, which is a pity, as these are some of the most exciting times of my life.  Ah ha!  Perhaps that's the problem right there!  Too much fun, too little art-ing and blogging.

Well, I've got to get back into my blogging routine again.  I just have to.  I miss the community and more importantly, the recording of experiences. I have been blogging since before my boy was born, and when I did my retrospective blog viewing tonight, I watched him grow up page after page after page.  It kinda brought a tear to my eye to watch this miracle child of ours grow, adapt to change and learn so much (we were told he was never going to be because of my severe poly cystic ovarian syndrome).  But along every step of the way with Jason there has come from me, in my opinion, some of the most incredible, satisfying and profoundly moving art that I have ever produced.  I might not be famous, or have a vast following of admirers, but my art is mine and I'm darn proud of the boundless creative energy that has come out of being a mother!

Jason and I at Safari World, Thailand, with our fabulous Orange friends!  Jason is just one month away from turning 5 years old!

Chatuchak market (JJs), Bangkok.  The food is awesome, the craft and art supplies, even more awesome!!

So what does living in Bangkok mean to me right now?  Well, you could say I've landed in one of the world's largest art and craft supplies MECCA!  The markets: Pahurat, Soi Wanit 1 (Sampheng Road), JJs and the fabulous Pinn Shop and B2S are currently my favourite haunts.
Just one tiny aisle of many in this bead shop - photo taken  down Sampheng Lane, Bangkok

It really is a collector and hoarder's dream.  And it's all about creation, baby!  The artist's calling to express the essence of being; to channel the unknown into the known, to flavour the world with all its colour and vibrancy is more than being served up here in Bangkok.   My muses are everywhere - from the towering temples through to the peeling paint and dubious dark alleyways of the slums.  Everything exists here and nothing exists here.  It is the Buddhist's precinct - where contradictions abound and the ghosts are just below the cracks in the path or between the slits in the wall.  The overwhelming stimuli and the hidden and not so hidden voices of the past are coming through to me - like a steam train cranked up with an over-abundance of coal - and I'm struggling to channel it all into my art. Truly!  It's sometimes just too much.
Beauty and spirit abounds in Bangkok!

However, during the quiet periods of my life, when I have time to reflect (like now: 11:50pm) I know I'm assimilating and turning the magnificence of Thailand into art.  It's all happening in my brain and very slowly it's beginning to flow down towards my fingertips.   Sometimes it's leaked out a little.  Like here:
Illustrations: graphite, ink and collage - originals and prints soon to be sold on Etsy

And here:
Cuffs (2013)

and finally here:
Unfinished paintings: left, The Wat.  Right: The Dancer (2013)
So, here's to the new experiences that travel will surely continue to bring.  We are off to Egypt ,Toronto and New York this July.   If I thought I was having a tough time channeling the experiences into art here, I wonder what will happen when I experience all these new places shortly?  I'm too excited for words!

Till the next installment then!


Anonymous said...

HI Debs LOVE your blog post - yes an incredible 7 months - but for the LOVE of all things Thai (and Buddha) how can you possibly do Egypt Toronto AND NY in July? LOL ... Slow down (said the tortoise to the hare) ..... take care, have fun! Love, Piripi xx

Debrina said...

Phillipa!!! How are you oh gorgeous one? Ha ha...don't worry, I have 6 weeks off in July - so we can squeeze it all in. Egypt is just for two days (enough to see the Pyramids of Giza and go to the antiquated museum of antiquities, LOL). BTW, you're up early! Loves ya :-)

JafaBrit's Art said...

Must be amazing and I really enjoyed reading your blog post.

Debrina said...

Yep, sure is! Just really hard to take it all in, that's all! LOL

Seth said...

This is one magical place and I can see in this post that you are having a magical time. Brilliant!