Saturday, 4 January 2014

DebRinA AlterED Homework Exhibition and the 200x200 sell out

Contents of a Conversation (II) D. Price-Ewen (aka Debrina Altered) - January 2014

Now that we're back in New Zealand (4 months now), I've been getting much more serious about my altered creations.  We now live in a city that has a thriving art scene.   So all my creative energy is being used to focus, refine, amalgamate and re-purpose so that I can create really purposeful and meaningful art.  Nearly two years of world travel has also refined my ear for stories.  So I have submitted three mixed media pieces called Contents of a Conversation (I-III) to an exhibition entitled Homework

Contents of a Conversation (I) D.Price-Ewen - December 2013

Part of this journey I now find myself on is attributable to my visit to Dale Copeland's studio in Puniho, South Taranaki, New Zealand.  To meet my icon was something else; to visit her studio of treasures was the icing on the cake.  Dale is a powerhouse of creative energy and curiosity.  I think something of her wore off on me that day, and since my visit, I have been creating non-stop.

The wonderful Dale Copeland in her outrageously busy studio (D.Price-Ewen photo) October 2013
To top things off, I was able to sell all of my 200 x 200 pieces at the same named exhibition in December:
Here are my girls, just before I boxed them up for submission, mounted as if they were animal heads, on 200 (width) x 200 (height) x 200 (depth) cm plaques.  A fun exhibition with the only limitation being the size and price ($200 each):

My 200 x 200 pieces D.Price-Ewen (December 2013)
So I expect 2014 to be a fully productive year for art and hopefully sales to keep me in art supplies :-)

All the best
Debrina Altered


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

YOUR work is awesome!!!!!

Debrina said...

Hey Sue - thanks for the comment! I love what I do. Feel free to pop on over to my facebook page too:
Lots of news on there :-)

Olga Siedlecka said...

Your art is absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...

it looks like you're blogging as frequently as i am! and after all these months i missed this post. beautiful eye candy, my friend!

Debrina said...

Ha ha. I just left a comment on your blog, you crazy coot. Missing you and your wild arty ways.