Wednesday, 21 December 2016

What on earth have I been up to?!

Lilac and Pink by Debrina Altered ©2016
"Swallows" Acrylic by Debrina Altered © 2016
Well, quite a lot actually! Although, regretfully, I haven't been blogging about ANY of it.  Indeed, my last blog posting was in July! The shame of it! Im pretty sure, in fact, that social media is to blame. More specifically, I seem to have got myself a wee bit stuck in that superficial and endlessly distracting place called Facebook.  And so, after almost ten years of being on Facebook, I decided to throw in the towel.  Now, suddenly, I'm having real conversations with depth and substance again.  What's more, I have rediscovered the pleasures of email and snail mail.
"Home is Where the Heart Is" a mixed media wall hanging by Debrina Altered ©2016
In fact, I think the best bit about deleting my Facebook profile (my art page went ages ago after they started extorting money from us) actually happens to be the utter joy and revelation of blogging.  Indeed, it has been a real pleasure going through my blog reading list and catching up with all the remaining blogger stalwarts! Go you lot, you know who you are!! So, now that I'm back (here's hoping this time it will last) I've really thought hard about how I want to use my blog.  The first important aspect about this platform is that I continue to use it as a diary.  A diary is a useful tool to an artist because it gives one a chance to reflect on the creative process: to tease out ideas; gain distance; look and think critically as well as objectively.  The second important aspect is the ability for people to leave feedback, to join in on the conversation I'm having with myself and, in turn, with you. 
"Xmas Angel" a fiber art exchange piece by Debrina Altered © 2016
  Thirdly, a blog is a great way to meet like minds, share ideas, and become the focal point for collaboration, sharing and exchange.  I have first hand experience and fond memories of this.  Over the years, through my blog, I've done collaborations (Pulp Redux - an altered art book collaboration with four other talented artists whom I met through blogging (sadly, one of the members of our collaboration has since died)); shared in Altered Page author, Seth Apter's Disintegration project; done art and craft exchanges,  giveaways as well as swapped art and craft supplies - everything from paper to stamps!   It's been a marvellous journey.  Along the way I've also made hundreds of friends and associates and partaken in many opportunities, such as online art exhibitions, being published in art books and Zines and being interviewed...all very good for the ego and a wonderful way to build self confidence.

If you have managed to get this far, then thank you! It means a lot to me to have fellow blog readers like yourself take time out of your busy world and make an effort to read, comment and participate in the blogging world, a world now quite removed from a lot of what is happening on the Internet's social media platforms these days.  I hope you have a very festive season and that your new year is full of grand plans and creativity! Love from Debrina.


marilyn said...

Merry Christmas. Love the Xmas Angel on this post.

Debrina said...

Thanks Marilyn,
And merry Xmas to you too. Pleased you like my wee Angel. She was part of a recent exchange.

suziqu's thread works said...

Wishing you a safe and peaceful Christmas Debrina!
Loved to see you back here with your beautiful artwork!
Such a dilema blogging versus fb - for me that is!

Suzy xx

Gaby Bee said...

Dear Debrina,
I'm glad to see you back in blogland!

I am also on FB, but I'm not really into it. I find FB is only scrolling and quickly liking - almost letting people know you saw it, but comments are limited. I can see so many are leaving blogging to only be on FB. I prefer blogs! I often think blogs are like a sit down meal - FB like drive thru takeaway.

Sending warm wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas, and much health and happiness for 2017.

Gaby xo

Debrina said...

Hi Suzy and Gaby, thanks for your lovely comments. Gaby, I love what you say about FBk. Ha ha. It's true, it really is a takeaway! I just missed the substance and sustenance of the blogging community. Particularly for my art. I loved Facebook for getting in touch with family and friends but I finally got sick and tired of having to wade through all the propaganda and advertising (those damn awful sponsored sites) to get to them. I'm pleased to be back and I'm on a mission to keep it that way! Xxxxxx

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas hun :-) I am trying to reconnect with you out of Fb world but have 3 cell#s somehow! Can you please txt me from your current so I can update? Glad I could find your beautiful art again. Much love to you all xoxo Em

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas hun :-) I am trying to reconnect with you out of Fb world but have 3 cell#s somehow! Can you please txt me from your current so I can update? Glad I could find your beautiful art again. Much love to you all xoxo Em

Debrina said...

Hey Em, I'm so glad you found me! Yay! I'll text ASAP xxxxxxx