Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Tui for Amy - watercolour by Debrina Altered 2017
A busy few months have passed since my last blog posting, mainly filled with sketching and watercolour practice.  This latest piece was painted specifically for my friend Amy, who is bird mad.

The Tui is one of many beautiful native birds living in New Zealand that love the nectar from the flower of our native flax, Harekeke. They guzzle it in abundance in summer and are often competing with bellbirds/korimako, saddlebacks/tieke, as well as bats/pekapeka, geckos and insects!

To do the plant justice - as the flower really is a stunner - I've cut and pasted a photo from the NZ Forest and Bird site:

Photo image: Jimmy Johnson
Unfortunately, we have no harakeke at our new abode in Oamaru - more's the pity.  We had a ton of it when we lived up in the North Island of New Zealand and had frequent visits by the local tui.  Their bird song is just enchanting.  Here's a clip: Tui bird song

Absolutely stunning bird!


Gaby Bee said...

Your watercoloring looks gorgeous as usual, Debrina! Love your tui bird! Thank you also for the clip...I think he is not the greatest singer, but it is a beautiful bird.

Gaby xo

Debrina said...

Thanks for swinging on by, Gaby! He sure is beautiful - and, believe it or not, they are actually very good mimics when it comes to their vocal range.

Coffee Messiah said...

Wow, you've come a long way = beautiful!
Hope all is well w/you and yours = Cheers!

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