Xmas Art and Craft 
Workshop (Now Closed)

Personalised Christmas Cards
1) Collect together old xmas cards
2) Ditto quirky or inspiring magazine pictures, prints, or ephemera
Blank Cards and envelopes, scissors, glue and image framing materials will be provided on the night


A robot for him or her:
All materials for robots will be supplied on the night

"Thanks heaps, I realised after you'd gone what the time was!!! Sorry to keep you for so long...we were all enjoying ourselves so much! It was an excellent workshop - thank you sooooo much. My nephew saw my robot today and immediately asked if he could make one :D:D Cool response eh?  Love Tracey" (Library Manager, International Pacific College, New Zealand)

Introduction to Altered Art - WORKSHOP 
(NZ $60) Now Closed
Palmerston North - New Zealand 
 Come join Pania and Debrina in the Manawatu for an Introduction to Altered Art Workshop on Wednesday, January 19th, 2010 - 10am to 3pm.  There is a maximum of 6 places, so you'll need to book now (see my booking countdown above).  A booking fee of $20 will apply, which is only refundable if the course is cancelled.  The booking fee is payable via Internet Banking or by cheque (cash only on arrangement).  The rest of the payment is due on the day.
Studio objects at the workshop venue...
Please CONTACT ME here to book your place.  Last day for booking is Friday, 14th January, 2011.  The address and a booking fee receipt will be sent to you as soon as your booking is confirmed.  Nb. LUNCH is supplied - please indicate in your email if you have any special dietary requirements.

Workshop One for 2011 - An Introduction to Altered Art - learn about altered art by altering an object of your choice.  $5 of your fee will be given back to you when we go on our road trip to buy an object for you to alter (be it a book, box, tin, or a clothespeg!) everything else, including art materials and mediums are supplied (including resin for small projects).  For those wanting to do major resin work, however, I will advise you on what type and where you can get it from.  Most hardware stores stock resin.


10am - Introductions with tea and tinies! (yum!).

10.30am - Pania and Debrina (Debbie) will show and tell some of their altered art pieces, and supply you with a list of resources, art supply contacts, and literature.

11.30am - Project work. It is here where we talk to you individually about your ideas for a project. We will also gauge your skill level and try and tailor your project to extend those skills.

12.30pm - lunch

1.00pm - 3pm - Continue project work....

For some ideas on what you could alter, take a look at our previous Introductory Class HERE

If you are still stuck for ideas, try also looking at my blog here.  I have a category list on the right hand side panel (just click on the category "altered art") or check out some of my friends' blogs, under Blogs I Love, on my left side panel.  If you're still stuck, let me know and we'll see what we can come up with!!

See you on the day!


Hi Debbie and Pania, just thanking you both for the most fabulous workshop ever!!!
 I learnt so much, was amazed how you coped and guided each of us on our totally  different projects.   Being a small group, I confess to eavesdropping on some of the 'tricks' you showed others too!
Both of you have incredible skill levels and working as a team, you complemented each other,  doubled our knowledge, enjoyment  and  contact time.
I loved the fact that we met together at Pania's, her home is like an art gallery and the display of both your work was inspirational.
The use  and guidance of a wonderful range of your materials was stress free  and  added to the fact we learnt what we ourselves could purchase and where.
Thank you both so much, you put a heap of time into the organization of the workshop and I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to participate in the future!!!
Both morning tea and lunch were delicious and the cost of the whole day was well worth every single cent and more, where else can you get such undivided attention to indulge your creativity.  Loved the surprise road trip!
I would gladly be back tomorrow!
Wonderful wonderful thank you, great tutors, great company, this enthusiastic, inspired woman is off to her studio to 'play" with my crackle paint again.
Heaps of hugs  Jill xo 
Hi there to both Debs and Panz......
Just a quick little note to say ......
I really enjoyed your workshop and hope to be able to work/play together in the future.